Swings and roundabouts!!

Sometimes I feel like I have kinda screwed myself by sharing my blog with so many people who actually know me… I try very hard NOT to let it limit my writing but it is like a balancing act or walking a tightrope because there are things I want to write about but don’t want […]

Step aside Betty Crocker!!!

Just kidding!!! I have discovered that baking is WAY too much fucking hard work!! So y’all know about my food phobia’s right?! And after 50 something years I have been able to resolve them and now food is a fucking amazing adventure!! right!!? So since I started eating real food and experimenting so too did […]

My spanked arse!! And other stuff!!

So I was sitting here trying to decide if I should go with this picture or not…I mean even though you cannot see my tits or vajayjay it is kinda sorta nudity of sorts…I know, I know…. It is my fucking back…and part of my arse… But is is my NAKED back!! In the end […]

Time to even things up a little bit!!

So I wasn’t going to write this blog post because I didn’t think y’all would want to read about every single time the Pink Panther and I had sex but….and there is a big but here!! No no no, not MY butt, a BIG but…Oh yeah my butt is a little big but we are […]