I am such a whiny arsed bitch!!

I know fuck!! Why the hell would you want to read a blog post which pretty much tells you I am going to get all whiny?! It’s because I am adorable and fucking funny right? Okay maybe not, but just bear with me anyway!! I understand that your’e just dying to hear all the juicy […]

The standoff!!

So I am sitting on the toilet this morning minding my own business and attempting to take care of business when all of a sudden this fucking great spider comes running into my bathroom at 100 miles an hour!! Now, I want to say that it scared the shit out of me but unfortunately it […]

Batshit crazy blogger alert!!

At the end of this post if you are pissed off that you actually even got to the end and all you achieved was to read the ramblings of a Batshit crazy person then please call 1800Idontgiveafuck… You are forewarned, the title say’s it all and quite honestly I don’t have two fucks left to […]

It’s about sweet FUCK all really!!

This is another of those blog posts that has been going around in my batshit crazy head for a while just dying to get out so I figured, what the fuck, I have nothing better to do tonight beside mess around with Bob so why not let the words flow!!¬†And that is exactly what this […]