After the implosion!

Once again I had to think long and hard if I wanted to post this, I mean fuck this is a very intimate and personal text exchange between Mon Capitaine and myself over a very personal situation which is causing us both pain. After a lot of consideration I have decided to post an edited […]


I am writing this at 4:17 pm on Tuesday January 16th 2017 (Aussie time) 33 minutes after feeling like my whole world collapsed violently inwards. Disclaimer: Some details here are very specific and I know I have picked up some readers who may find some of my content a little crude at times!! I understand […]

Misplaced or Displaced?

This is another fucked up blog post!! I know seriously, it is not what y’all signed up for!! Some of y’all were eagerly waiting for me to begin my dating adventures in Australia, regaling you charming and witty stories about my sometimes serious but mostly hilarious antics….And instead y’all have ended up with these boringly […]

Upcoming posts disclaimer!!

I have 2 posts in my drafts which I plan on getting cleaned up a little and then posting sometime today but I feel they need to come with a disclaimer!! They both have the potential to create feelings such as upset, pain, anger, frustration, annoyance, or concern to some people that I care very […]

Reality check!!

I know I have said this before and every time I have said it I have meant it but I am saying it again… This is probably going to be the hardest blog post I have EVER had to write. In fact I am honestly questioning if I even want to write it but fuck […]

Side chick…?? Arse kick!!

So my readers it is exactly as I thought!!! The bald Casino dude IS married!! Before leaving on my date I had every intention of paying for my own lunch, after all it is fucking expensive to eat out in Australia and I kinda sorta have this “A” type personality just a little bit that […]

Double date duds!!

I made 2 coffee dates for today…Sadly I was not excited about either of them. Honestly I do not know what the fuck I was thinking when I made either of the dates…Yeah I do, I was think with my teenage boy prepubescent hormones again!! Honestly I feel like I am back all the way […]