Cucumbers!! who the heck knew??

So Wednesday finally gets here! It is so difficult to concentrate on anything other than the fact that I am going to have sex tonight. I end up leaving work a couple of hours early, mainly because I cannot concentrate, but also who wouldn’t appreciate a little extra time to get ready for a date. […]

Personal sabotage at it’s finest!!!

I had thought that once I finally got laid the sexual tension would dissipate…However it turned out not to be the case! If anything it had become even more consuming and I was in two minds as to how I felt about it. I was hoping that once I had satisfied my primal urge for sex I could get […]

The morning after the night before!

So far, out of all my posts this one seems to be the most challenging to write, which is pretty stupid when you think about it because honestly, whats the big deal…I just had the most amazing sexual experience of my life. See, that’s the point isn’t it…It is a big deal, actually it’s a huge […]

Is chocolate really better than sex???

It is really happening and I am going to M’s house for sex, I grab my keys and my purse and I am just about to run out the door and I realize I am in my fucking pajamas!! I run back into my bedroom and start pulling on my clothes, sexy underwear, cute dress, appropriate […]

Foibles, phobias and feet!!

I get home from the best date ever and go directly to my computer so I can turn it on and send M a message telling him it was the best date ever!!! Well, not quite in those words because that would be juvenile!! When I get there M is already online waiting for me. I said “M, […]

Paraphernalia & pre date preparation!

It’s Sunday morning and I am really going to do this, I am actually going to go on my first ever date in the hopes that if the first two dates go well I will be having sex at the conclusion of the 3rd date. If we have a date on Sunday and again on Monday I […]