I woke up one morning and I was 50!

Seriously! It just happened to me, I woke  up one morning and I was 50!! Well it didn’t exactly happen just like that and actually I am not even sure where in the world I was when I officially turned 50…You see I left one country one day and arrived in another country two days later on my birthday so somewhere over the Pacific ocean I turned 50!
They say 50’s is the new 40’s…..who says that, and why the heck do they say that? I did my 40’s I was there for 10 years, I know what the 40’s were like… but this is 50 and OH so different.
Yes…I am not kidding! Seriously…Do I have some adventures to share with you!

Whoa there! not so fast, let me back up a little…
Firstly let me introduce myself, the names Jad…no really! for the sake of these adventures it is Jad! I do have another name, one which I was born with and most everyone calls me but hey, this blog is about sensuality, sex and something else, do you really think I want my mother and my children to read about my own personal experiences with that stuff?…I think not! So to ensure my kids are not traumatized for life this blog needs to be somewhat anonymous.

Let us start this adventure from the time leading up to me turning 50. About 2 weeks before the big milestone I started thinking about sex. Not just a little bit either, I thought about sex a LOT!
A little background information, it had been over 8 years since I had sex. Truly, I am not shitting you…..8 years, I might as well have been a virgin!

So here I am two weeks away from being 50 and constantly thinking about sex and how can I get me some of that!! During my marriage I was never interested in seeking sexual satisfaction elsewhere and quite often made comments to friends or on social media that chocolate is better than sex…..Don’t believe it ladies! If ANY of you think that chocolate is better than sex it is because you are NOT having, or have NOT had amazing, sensual, exhilarating sex!  Anyway I digress, back to the thinking about how to get sex. It is actually quite a daunting task for someone who has been married twice for a total of 31 years and never been on a date EVER!

I was heading home to spend my birthday with my family and friends and I thought about a couple of possibilities for a potential so called… roll in the hay! Finally decided on one candidate, someone who is a friend that I felt comfortable enough with that I could say “hey lets have sex, you know just a one time thing”. Turns out I never got the opportunity, I found out he had a girlfriend and Poof!! that fantasy was erased from my mind.

I decided the best thing to do was concentrate on my birthday party and on having the most fun I could have (without sex). Once home a couple of weeks later I could revisit the situation and work out just how a 50 year woman who has borne 3 children and carries a few extra pounds goes about finding sex!!



15 thoughts on “I woke up one morning and I was 50!

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    • Thanks for commenting, I very much enjoyed your post and have followed your blog. I have written a couple of blogs about Dom/Sub and have discovered in my sexual awakening there is a submissive side to me.

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  2. It’s so very true. I was so upset when I turned -gulp- 60. It was devastating. I suffered through 40-50. But 60 well that is just old. I still wanted everything to be the same way it was. I wanted sex. I wanted hot sex but it’s just not sexy to say you’ve been with a 60 year old. It’s very humiliating to think of that.

    I loved your post. Thank you!!

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    • Wow Sugar I would never have imagined you were 60, I have read some of your posts and I think you are awesome!! I kinda sorta hope I still want hot sex at 60 but probably not as much as I want sex now because it is kind of time consuming LOL

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    For those of you not aware this is the 2nd installment in a Reblog of my journey!!
    If you take the time to read it and you enjoy seeing where I started and following along to see how far I have come please leave me a comment or a like. I will gauge over the next few weeks if it is worth doing a weekly reblog!!

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