There are just some things you should never ask your 77 year old mother!

So, here I am at 50, after a wonderful trip home and an amazing birthday party in which I got shit faced drunk (without sex) I am  back in the United States and back to the reality of how the heck does someone at 50 who has never even had a date before go looking for sex…I am serious, I honestly have never, ever had a date! Check the about me section and you will see why.

Ah but again I digress, sex..we were talking about how can I get some??
I had this smart idea…or so I thought, about talking to my Mum, I mean really, if us girls can’t talk to our Mums about this kind of stuff who can we talk to..wrong!!…never ever, ever, don’t do it… talk to your elderly mother about sex!! You will hear things you just cannot “un-hear”. This is how the telephone conversation went.

Me: “Mum, when did you and Dad stop having sex”
Mum “Oh, about 5 or 6 years ago”
Me ” Really?? you were in your seventies”
Mum ” Yeah something like that”
Me ” Did you talk about stopping or did you just stop doing it or what?”
Mum “We didn’t talk about it, it just became less and less then it stopped, sleep became more important” Why are you asking all this?
Me ” Because I want sex”
Mum ” So go out and have sex then”
Me ” At 50 with no partner its not that easy”
Mum ” Then buy a dildo”

See what I mean….Shit!! I never wanted to hear the word dildo come out of my mothers mouth especially my 77 year old mothers mouth and now I can never NOT have heard it!! My only hope is that one day…when I am in my seventies my daughter will ask me questions about sex and I will tell her all about my purple vibrator, being sure to mention that it’s purple because after all purple is my favorite color!

So at the end of the day my Mum was not really very helpful to my current situation except to say that I could still have 20 more years of wanting sex so it felt even more important to find someone to have sex with, and soon… I mean at 50  there are bits and pieces of me that should be perking but they are falling down, there are battle scars and just the thought of candy bar is destined to send pounds straight to my hips so imagine what it would be like if I was looking for sex at 60 or even worse 70!!

Well it would seem I have no other options, I am going to have to look on the internet!!

24 thoughts on “There are just some things you should never ask your 77 year old mother!

  1. Hehehe nothing wrong with sex at 50 I’m in my late 40s and still going like a V8 well may be a V6 now . Sex 3 times a week is the norm though hubby wants it everyday .
    I love sex ummm supposed to be good so I’m not going to incriminate myself .
    Forget about the dildo nothing beats the real thing 😍

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    • Honestly after going without sex for 8 plus years and discovering it in all its glory I could have it every day of the week 3 times a day and still not get enough!!
      Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy my journey!!

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      • I’m in my 70’s, married to a younger man and still enjoy tremendously and hope it never stops!! My 80 year old aunt still enjoyed it! It doesn’t have to go away. I remember old ladies coming into the clinic with STD’s, still opening wide for whoever would satisfy them, so be careful.

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    • Oh True George, it was wonderful advice!! If only she knew what she created!!. At the beginning of this blog I often described myself as fun loving, slightly quirky woman who just turned 50… My updated and most recent description, “Fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy, self confessed nympho!!

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    My apologies for being late with this reblog, in fact I think I need to change the days and start reblogging on a Saturday…I know, I know it is freaking Sunday but as of next week I will reblog on a Saturday.
    Please do me a favor, if you take the time to read this can you let me know or hit the like button because I honestly do not want to keep doing this if nobody is reading BUT let if you read my blog avidly and you have NOT read my early blogs then I highly recommend you do read my weekly reblogs….My journey was unique and my growth quite remarkable and I may be biased but I think they are worth the read!!

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  5. Since it’s still March 31 here, I feel im in a time warp. But then you are in Australia ( if I remember correctly), so you’re probably about 13 hours ahead of us. Nevertheless it is cool to read this before you reposted it—sort of. 😂. Your mother sounds very cool.

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    • Lol yeah the time difference can mess you up sometimes!! I actually arrive in Hawaii before I leave Australia for my upcoming trip!!
      Yeah my Mum is pretty cool!! She does not understand my relationship with PP and MC and is shocked they actually talk to each other in Facebook! She strokes my cheek and calls me her weird daughter

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