And not all “free” dating sites are actually free!!!

Day four of Jet lag and day two of spending endless hours in front of the computer signing up for a plethora of online dating websites, only to find that after going through all of their registration crap you eventually get to a point where you have to pay money before you can access anyone who could potentially be a match….in desperation I even tried!!! What was I thinking…Oh I know, I was thinking about sex and how can I damn well get me some!

Here is the thing of it…every single dating site I tried is completely free….to register! But after that you either get NO access or limited access until you hand over money. Also, it’s not like you can just pay for a month and try it out, oh no those suckers want you to hand over a whole years worth upfront.

In all fairness to eHarmony if I was searching for my “forever true love” then I think they have all the other sites beat hands down. There was a method to those damned 1300 questions and a couple of days later they emailed me a link to visit a book “all about me” and I’ll be darned if they were not dead on with just about everything they said about me. It was quite scary really at how accurate it was. So fair warning, if anyone reading this blog has serial killer tendencies I suggest that you do not attempt the questionnaire on eHarmony because those 1300 shitty questions are really psychological psychoanalysis profiling in disguise.

After spending countless hours registering and creating profiles for multiple online dating sites I finally realized it was a complete and total debacle and I began methodically going back to each site deleting my profiles and deactivating my accounts. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was destined to spend the next 20 years of my life without sex and figured I should probably get reacquainted with my vibrator.

Seriously though…who would have thought it would be this hard for a woman to get laid especially in this day and age!!

6 thoughts on “And not all “free” dating sites are actually free!!!

  1. (apologies first that I’m about to start laughing)

    Bwahahahahahaha!!! Ahh, yes. eHarmony is absolutely ONE good site for finding ‘exactly what YOU want in a partner/spouse,’ if you answer all their 1,200 – 1,300 questions honestly raw, and are willing to make your traveling parameters intercontinental. 😛 Otherwise, at least for me when I was with eHarmony, you receive many matches (subpar matches?) within a 10 – 25 mile radius. Every single one of MY “perfect matches” were over 1,000 to 4,500 miles away! I shit you not Jad. 😮

    Continuing this enjoyable read…

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  2. Lol, you are forgiven for laughing up front!!
    As long as you remember the disclaimer and try hard not to choke on vodka during the laughter it’s all good!!


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