Creep factor on high alert!

Despite my resolution to forget about sex forever my inner bitch was continually harassing me. My inner bitch, you know that little voice we all have in our head that sometimes helps us through tough situations but quite frankly is more often than not a complete and total pain in the ass! I figured everyone has an inner bitch living inside them but if Y’all don’t then you are reading the journey of a slightly quirky but fun loving “crazy woman” who just turned 50!
Getting back to the story, my inner bitch was still going on about sex and in the end I decided to just try once more with the online dating sites.
I had not yet tried “plenty of fish” because honestly the catching fish thing seemed so cliche but I decided what the heck, it can’t be any worse than all the others I tried.

So once again I go through the registration process fully expecting that when complete I would be required to hand over dollars before getting a hint of what’s available in the pond.
To my utter surprise the moment I finished verifying my email address I am offered countless options, its like a fucking smorgasbord of men! I know, I know, I really should keep it classy and avoid using any cuss words beginning with  F but honestly, sometimes, the only appropriate word is fuck!
Ladies, if you are looking for casual dating, a one time thing, someone to love for ever and ever then I strongly suggest you go fish in the pond at… all for free!!! Also the best thing about it is, if you reel them in and they end up being catfish or even worse creepy just throw em back in the pond then cast your reel, again and again and again. Be warned though if  you happen to use the wrong bait it can be like fishing in a cesspool.

I was one of those women, yep! totally the wrong bait and the stuff I was catching sent shudders down my spine….my creep factor was on overdrive!! Not sure if it was the fact that my introductory statement said “Friends with benefits” or if it was because if you read carefully between the lines of my profile it pretty much said “take me out to dinner then we can fuck”! Maybe it was a combination of the two, who knows!!!!

Just for my readers enjoyment and so you can see just why my  “creep factor” was on high alert below is a complete and unedited transcript of just one of my many “creepy” conversations. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent because there are no innocents.

Wendelllove: Hello beautiful profile
Jad: Hello how are you?
Wendelllove: I’m fine just got in out of this rain.
Wendelllove: your so beautiful dear.
Jad: How can you tell, you can barely see my face?
Wendelllove: Yes I can see  you good beautiful lady
Wendelllove: Why you stop texting
Jad: You seem like a nice guy but you’re not what I am looking for, besides your profile say’s you want children and you also seem too young for me. I wish you the best in what you are looking for.
Wendelllove: I’m 47 years old thats not young plus I don’t need more kids
Wendelllove: I really want to get to no you we could do dinner walk in the park are catch a movie age is just a number dear give me a chance
Jad: Honestly you are not for me. Maybe  you should try not being so forward when you introduce yourself on here for the first time, sure women like to be told they are beautiful but it should not be the first thing you say. I truly wish you the best of luck in your search
Wendelllove: Well I ment no disrespect I’m a forward person I dont play games with person feeling if I say you’re beautiful then that is what my eyes see wish you could have looked at things different
Jad: I did not feel disrespected, it is just too forward for me. It is not about playing games it is about making connections, likes and dislikes and meeting someone you have a connection with, for me personally that type of forwardness is not what I am looking for.
Wendelllove: I feel I have a connection with you plus I was going to ask you your like and dislike but you pop so fast my god you dont know bad I wanted to no you.
Wendelllove: I can be the best man you ever had in your life
Wendelllove: I want you
Jad has successfully blocked Wendelllove


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