Names slightly modified…just because!!

After throwing back a whole load of fish I eventually stumbled upon J. His profile picture was pretty nice, he did not start with a creepy introduction and he could string a sentence together in a single try. It was from chatting with J that I discovered that the huge amount of creepy messages I was getting was probably because my profile indicated I was pretty much looking for “friends with benefits” not just “A” friend but plural friends. I made some quick modifications to my profile and surprise surprise, I was not so popular anymore.
After spending some time fielding creepy messages, chatting to J, checking profiles and responding to non creeps I decided to call it a night.

The following day when I got home from the office I found about 40 messages in my POF inbox. I spent the next couple of hours going through the messages. Initially I started responding to them all but more and more messages kept coming to the point were I could not keep up, so I started checking profiles. If they were looking for long term relationships or the love of their life I deleted them with no response. If they were creepy or made me shudder I blocked and deleted. If they did not fall into either of those two categories then I responded. While I was responding to my inbox messages I was also conversing with J.

Then in walked M, figuratively!! not literally!
While going through my inbox I found a message from M which was both interesting and amusing…I seriously thought that the POF staff were messing with me, no really! he was everything on my “internal” checklist….Intelligent,check! Witty, check! Enjoys music,check! travelling, check! dining out, check! Does not like hunting, fishing or sports, check!check!check!
Atheist…WTF!! I live in the bible belt of U.S.A. there are no Atheists here except me, check! Okay, seriously, now I know someone is pulling my leg!
I decided to take the bait and see where this goes by providing an equally interesting and witty response to M’s message.

To cut a long story short I cyber chatted for a couple of days with both M and J  on POF and also on hangouts where we could type more interactively, and if I am being totally honest, which is what this blog is about…there was a more physical attraction to J…When I say physical I am talking about his photo, but hey! we all know photos can lie!! As for M the attraction was most definitely intellectual…Don’t get me wrong M’s photo was not horrible to look at, far from it, but he has facial hair which I am not a fan of and he is also 10 years my senior but the connection I felt with M was much stronger than what I felt with J so a confirmed date was arranged with M for dinner on Sunday night.

Holy shit! I have a date!…..50 years of age and I am just about have my first date….ever!!
I am not shitting you! If you have not read the about me section go read it now and see why at the age of 50 this is my first ever date!! Did you read it…go!! I will wait for you!

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    • It was an amazing adventure and a tremendous growth experience for me. I am finally the person that I was always supposed to be and not what circumstances and adversity shaped me to be


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    Hope you enjoy the next installment in my early days of dating, Holy shit this one is where I have my first date ever at the age of 50!

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