Now look who’s the creepy stalker!! For real!

Woke up Saturday morning and the first thought on my mind was OMG I have a date!!
I logged onto POF and both M and J were online. I chatted briefly to them both, J had said his son was going back to his Moms on Monday so we talked about getting together for a beer one night the following week. Another date!! I am on a roll.

Earlier in the week M had told me about a coffee shop downtown which I wanted to try so I told him I had planned on going there around lunch time  and wanted to make sure it did not mess with his plans, I knew he was having brunch downtown with friends and I did not want to accidentally run into him, he assured me he was going elsewhere for brunch but that he was planning on going to the coffee shop much later in the afternoon, he offered to stay away if I preferred. I told him no and that I was going for lunch so I would be gone by the afternoon and he was free to go there.

At 8 am I left to go shopping for a dress, I mean really, I had a date, my first ever date so of course I needed a new dress. I tell you, I have never shopped so fucking hard for a dress in my life! I must have tried on 60 dresses in 10 different stores, in desperation I even tried on hot pants…Hot pants….what the hell was I thinking! You need to understand my desperation…This was no ordinary date…not only was it my first ever date, we were not going to your standard fare chain restaurant, no TGIF or  Olive Garden in sight. My date was going to be at one of the most expensive restaurants in town and I am trying on fucking hot pants!!!

After several hours of fruitless shopping I decided to take a break and go have lunch, so I drove downtown and walked into the coffee bar. I go up to the counter and order a chicken salad sandwich and a coffee then turn around to find a seat and my eyes met with a man sitting a table right in front of me….no!! it can’t be…Oh my effing god, I think it is!
I quickly break eye contact and find a seat to the right of him and immediately sit and face the wall with my back to him…My mind is racing…this is horrible!! I was so excited about our date and M has turned into a creepy stalker dude. He was not supposed to be here until later this afternoon, he was supposed to be at lunch with friends. I look at my watch and what the fuck!! It is 3 o’clock in the afternoon! Where the fuck did my day go???…Oh nooooooo, it’s me…. I’m the creepy stalker!!!

I am instantly mortified…wait, maybe he won’t recognize me after all he has only ever seen a hint of my face…yes that’s it, I am sure he did not recognize me. But no…there was no denying that pull when our eyes met, there was recognition in that look despite how brief the moment was. He was sure to have recognized me and now his “creepy stalker chick” is sitting in a coffee shop with her back to him trying to choke down a chicken sandwich. I tried to make that cup of coffee and sandwich last as long as I possibly could but eventually I had to get up and turn around to face him so that I could leave. I stand up and very slowly, with trepidation I turn around and….he is gone! The relief was instant, he could not have recognized me after all and nobody ever has to know!

I get home and log on to POF….I am filled with dread because I see that M has sent me a message. I just know this can’t be good. I open the message and sure enough he knew! He did not come right out and say ” hey, were you stalking me” but he did ask me how my day was going and then proceeded to tell me he just left the coffee bar and had headed home.
I decided the only thing for it was to own up, I told him how my shopping took a lot longer than I thought and that I lost track of time, said I ended up at the coffee bar a lot later than expected and then asked him outright if it was him…hell, I am already in deep I might as well go all the way in. M admitted that it was him and said that as he had not seen my full face in photos he was not completely sure it was me but thought it might have been.
I apologized profusely for my rudeness in encroaching on his personal space and for putting my back to him…He then very graciously let me off the hook and said “let’s think of it as a missed opportunity to get to know each other.”

We then talked about that now we had actually seen each other, albeit briefly we could call off our date if either of us wanted to. Fortunately we were both still eager for the date and his next comment about my profile photo gave me an idea for a dress. He said that while I did not look exactly like my profile pic he really liked it… it was a hint of something with a promise of more which for him was very tantalizing…I already had a dress in my closet which I had never worn which shows a hint of something with the promise of more!!! Perfection!

18 thoughts on “Now look who’s the creepy stalker!! For real!

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  2. I have learned that every girl needs a basic black dress in her closet. It works with everything and just about anywhere, even a beach party. Sdd sandals and a lei and you can fix even that. LOL I went to an elegant ritzy restaurant years ago and noticed that every woman was wearing a basic black (except me-I was in jeans). I’d never been one to conform. When I was very young, (when I had money-lol) styles were different, labels were important. I remarried someone poor and uninterested in social norms, so never went anywhere and somewhere along the line dress norms changed. Now I have a basic black, for just in case.

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    • I have quite a different wardrobe now that what I had at the beginning of my journey and my ensemble consists of several black dresses. I could not agree with you more that a simple black dress is an absolute MUST for any girls closet!!

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