Foibles, phobias and feet!!

I get home from the best date ever and go directly to my computer so I can turn it on and send M a message telling him it was the best date ever!!! Well, not quite in those words because that would be juvenile!!

When I get there M is already online waiting for me.
I said “M, we need to talk, but first I need coffee”…no no no! not that kind of coffee… real coffee, here at my house!!!
I threw off my clothes, got into my pajamas, grabbed a coffee and then settled in for what promised to be an awkward, difficult, embarrassing conversation.

To save myself from further discomfort in trying to explain the whole sorry mess all over again to Y’all I was just going to copy and paste some snippets of our conversation…..just snippets…edited snippets….oh hell just little bits and pieces of the darn conversation okay!! However………

In a previous post I did not have any problems in copy pasting the creepy creeper dudes conversation….because he was a creep!! Throughout this entire blog I have had no concerns in discussing my journey involving M but when it came down to actually copy and pasting  a conversation between M and myself it did not feel right.

This blog is about me and my journey, my struggles with being a totally quirky, fun loving, batshit crazy, sexually tense, completely eccentric woman with a ridiculous foot phobia who just turned 50!
While M is a part of my journey he is only a piece of it, he has no clue that he is being immortalized in a blog and I pray to a god that I don’t believe in that he never finds out….but in the mean time I am going to go with my gut on this and keep our private conversations private…. so Y’all will just have to be satisfied with a very condensed version of why the hell I did not go back to M’s for coffee when I had the chance!!!

So lets back up a little to dinner, during our conversations I found out that M had prior commitments which meant our next date would be not be until Wednesday. He would then leave the following morning for a 10 day business trip. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to wait 10 days… so before we even kissed in the car park I had already re-evaluated my plan of 3rd date sex to 2nd date sex…but what I first needed to do was find a way to tell M about a problem that was very real to me.

So sitting at my computer in my pajamas, armed with coffee I began what turned out to be an hour long conversation. M was once again ever gracious and accommodating to my foibles. At some point the tone of the conversation changed and there was a certain level of ease and comfort, so much so that it began to take on a  teasing nature with some some sexual undertones….We talked about how sensual and sexual the car park kisses were and M asked me if I needed a goodnight kiss….after some more teasing and me telling my inner bitch to STFU. I told M to give me 5 minutes to freshen up before I head over there for my goodnight kisses.

I could not believe it, I was actually going to do this, I was going to the home of someone whom I only just met, we were going to have sex, on a first date no less and it was…… exhilarating!!!

To be continued………

What? I forgot to tell you about my foot I am pretty sure I told you….It’s up there, look above these lines, did you read it? Are you sure? Oh…..
Well….here it is, my feet cannot touch anything but shoes they are in, no bed sheets, no floor, no other peoples feet, no foot rubs, nothing, nada, Yuck!! Sex with me will ALWAYS involve me wearing shoes….seriously, how the heck do you tell someone that!!!

Okay…now I am leaving for M’s house….to be continued!!!


13 thoughts on “Foibles, phobias and feet!!

  1. I started laughing out loud upon reading your last two full paragraphs, thinkin’ … “MAN, WOMAN!!! That’s some SERIOUS freakin’ sexual tension all pinned up in there!” Does M end up… umm, Death-by-fucking? Or Paralyzed-by-bat-shit-crazy Humpin’? 😛

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  2. I had a friend who had a foot fetish. I should say toes. He HATED them. Could not see, feel, NOTHING. He wanted me to wear shoes. I couldn’t. He was 18 months older than I. I just found out a couple months ago, he went to sleep one night and didn’t wake the next morning. How I wish now I had just GOTTEN THE FUCKING SHOES! ooops. No swearing here, right?

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  4. Well I enjoyed both the post and my initial Perusing of your site.
    My site also contains some similar instructions about going to the archives for earlier posts.
    In fact, I have two full novels and about a third of my third novel written right here on the site, chapter by chapter, so for this reason I chose to put up four, perhaps, I think five separate pages that contain either the novels, my collection of poetry, and several other recurring topics so that they be accessed more easily.
    I have a few commitments today this morning and early afternoon but I will be coming back to the site. I look forward to getting more of a chance to read your posts

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