Is chocolate really better than sex???

It is really happening and I am going to M’s house for sex, I grab my keys and my purse and I am just about to run out the door and I realize I am in my fucking pajamas!! I run back into my bedroom and start pulling on my clothes, sexy underwear, cute dress, appropriate heels, all thrown back on but not with the same care and attention that I used when I first got ready for my date.

I did pause to use a little feminine spray, I have no clue what it is supposed to do but it smells nice, I also ran around looking for a mint or a tic-tac!

I drive like a crazed woman and make it to his place in under 5 minutes, I am nervous, excited and filled with anticipation, it took me 4 attempts to enter the correct gate code. I pulled into his driveway and he is there waiting for me. I barely make it out of the car before we are locked together wildly, passionately, kissing. Somehow we make it through the carport  into the house, past the dining room and into the living room stopping 3 times on the way for more kissing. We finally make it onto the sofa and continue with kissing. I have no idea who I am anymore, my hands are desperately undoing his shirt buttons and his hands are wandering all over my legs sending shivers and sparks up my spine and if it is at all possible the kisses become more urgent and more intense. I have managed to undo all of M’s buttons so he takes off his shirt, then leans forward and takes of my dress.
M made a nice appreciative sound and we get back to more kissing, his kisses start travelling down my neck, along my shoulders, he is kissing closer and closer………Pause……Okay this is where you now need to insert your imagination….Fast forward a few minutes…..okay a LOT of minutes, fast forward a lot of minutes…. “M” and I are naked on his bed, kissing between sips of wine…..I regretfully told him I had to leave as I had to get up for work in 3 hours.

I walked naked through his house back to the living room, collecting my bra and panties along the way, dressing myself as best I could. We shared one more kiss in his driveway before I got in my car and then I headed home…….And THAT my dear readers is why there is no way in fucking hell “chocolate is better than sex!!!”

What? You have no clue why I now think sex is better than chocolate! Well this is where you get to use your imagination dear reader….Imagine the most erotic, sensual experience ever…now times that by ten!!!


10 thoughts on “Is chocolate really better than sex???

  1. I am early days in your blog, Nick was your first marriage? Will I read about your second or was there only one?
    I am absofuckinglutely certain you can have your one night of lovemaking and many more!!


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