Morning sex fantasy fiasco!!

Today I probably had one of the single most embarrassing experiences of my life and quite frankly I cannot believe I am even sharing it with all you nosy fuckers!!! Even thinking about typing it I can feel my face getting red with embarrassment, but hey the things we do for a good story right!!! […]

The “Ninja” strikes again!!

It would seem that M2 really did forgive my deplorable behavior, his response to me inviting myself over to his house was “sure, if you like” and yep, I did like so I ditched R (no hardship) for vodka with M2, pretty sure I did not want coffee with M2 unless the coffee actually meant […]

You all know of M&M…..Introducing…. R&R!!!

While fishing in the bottom of the murky ponds of PoF I came across R, he lived in a pond a little further away than the ones I usually fished in but I was getting desperate so decided to explore other ponds within a reasonable travel vicinity. R seemed to be intelligent enough, we had […]

People of PoF…Please restock the pond!!

So it would seem I have fished out the pond on PoF and all that is left is bottom feeders, catfish and slimy eels!! My life has now been reduced to sending random messages to creepers just so I can have a little fun with them….take this message for example!! Jad: Do you actually get very […]

Jad!! Tell me what the fuck is going on???

I was going through my last week or so of blogs and realized dear readers you must all be so totally fucking confused. So this begs the question, why the fuck didn’t any of you tell me that somewhere along the line I missed writing a post about where the fuck is M2 and why did I […]

Beer is a bastard!!

Still in a terrible funk a good friend decided it was high time I got out of it so they kidnapped me and took me to a bar for a few drinks and some food! Well they didn’t actually kidnap me they strongly urged me…okay well it wasn’t exactly strongly urged..they asked..alright they asked!!! Anyway […]

Sadness and Madness!!!

So it finally hit me, I guess I had known since Monday it was coming but I honestly did not expect it to hit me that hard! Yeah I know once again you have no effing clue what I am talking about. Let me back up a little. I gave my job 12 months notice back in […]