Was it just a booty call, what does that even mean??

Instead of putting on the dress I wore to the restaurant I throw on another dress which is super short and could probably be mistaken for a top. I jump in my car and head over to M’s. Whilst I was still sexually tense I was not in the same frantic state of passion that I was in on Sunday so I managed to drive with more care, the gate code only took me one try.

I arrive at M’s and he is not waiting in the driveway for me so it seem he too is not in the same frantic state of passion.
I go through the carport and knock on his back door, it takes him no time to open it and welcomes me in. We make it into the dining room before we are kissing, it is still nice but it feels a little weird, hard to explain but if I had to come up with a word I would say hesitant.

We head into the living room and we sit on the sofa making small talk, the whole situation just feels so surreal and my inner bitch keeps harping at me about what the fuck am I doing there. Not sure if M is sensing something is different or what is going on but there is an uncomfortable silence.

M takes the lead and starts kissing me, it is not long before the passion and the fire is there. A short time later my dress is off and so is his shirt, I am back for more kisses and somewhere in the throng of things I lose my bra……….Once again it is time for you to insert your imagination…..I will tell you while I did not think it was possible for the 2nd time to be better than the first time….I was wrong!!!!

Fully sated we both just need to lay there a few minutes to catch our breath. A few more kisses and brief conversation about M’s trip and I tell him I regretfully have to leave. Again I have to walk through his house naked except for my shoes and collect my clothes along the way. After dressing we kiss some more at his back door before I leave to get in my car…I am driving home fully sated and once again thrilled that I had the best sex ever but there is a part of me…probably my inner bitch, that wonders if it was really enough!!

My final thought before I go to sleep that night is that I really need to find a way to lose the fucking shoes!!

11 thoughts on “Was it just a booty call, what does that even mean??

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  2. This was a really fun read and great commentary on your sexual/sensual experience! Lots of seeds of inspiration!!! Really loved your last thought – too funny!! Bravo!

    I know some lady friends that will adore this! You might want to check out the Go Dog Go Cafe’s AFTER HOURS section. This would be a great submission!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Chuck,
      I appreciate your comments, right now my life is incredibly hectic, I am hoping it settles down soon and when it does I will be sure to set aside some time and go check out the Go Dogs go cafe
      Thanks for reading!!


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