Read me FIRST!! Go on…I’m serious, you know you want to!!

Hey there, thanks for taking a look at my blog!! This post used to give you rules on how you should read my blog, the rules are so fucking interesting I left them there down there at the bottom just in case you decide you want to be a rebel and follow them rules!! But truly, since I have started to follow a lot of blogs I have discovered what an absolute fucking pain in the arse it is trying to start a persons story from the beginning. I mean, it truly fucking is!! Don’t get me wrong, I am reading a couple of blogs where the story is so interesting I think it is worth the trip and I have started to read their blogs from the start but for the most part it is just too much fucking work!!

So here is the deal, if you  have read one or two of my posts and like what you have read feel free to follow me. You are of course absolutely welcome to start from the beginning if you like, there are some fucking funny adventures there, even if I do say so myself. But ya know what, if you don’t go back to the beginning with me it’s okay, I am discovering that my life is one big fucking adventure and I still have a lot of fun and interesting shit to write about so feel free to follow me and stay along for the ride…

OLD RULES below – wanna be a rebel?

Hey there!! Are you reading this first or did you get distracted by one of my interesting subject headings and take a detour…if you took a detour I hope it was worth it, but bloody hell why would you want to start a book in the middle!!!
This is a blog, and there are rules you have to follow…I know shit!! who wants rules when all you came here for was some light entertainment but seriously…this is one rule you should follow!
If this is your first time reading my blog you need to start at the bottom and work your way up….oooooh sounds so sensual doesn’t it!! Well this blog is about Sensuality, sex and something else, so why can’t the rules be sensual 😛
I hear you asking, how the heck do you get to the bottom…glad you asked, if you are on a PC then look over there ——-> yep to the right of the screen, see under Archives, you want to click on July 2016,this is when my journey started and this is where you want to start reading from….Truly you do, some of the funniest stories are in the early days and you surely don’t want to miss them! Once you have clicked on July 2016 scroll all the way to the bottom and then click on the first post…”I know what Sensuality and Sex is…but what the heck is “Something else?” There you have it… enjoy!!
Oh if you are on cell phone you may just need to scroll down to the bottom of your screen for the Archive menu but then the process is the same!

Feel free to leave comments on any of my posts, also if you found it as entertaining as my friends say it is then you can follow my blog…right hand corner, see the follow me button. just enter an email address, you will be sent a confirmation email and once you confirm you are all set!!

If you did not find it entertaining then please send me a message and let me know…If I get hundreds of messages telling me that my blog is crap then I will seriously have to consider changing my friends!!!… you need a new friend? I know a slightly quirky, fun loving, batshit crazy woman who just turned 50 who might be in the market for new friends!!!

Disclaimer: please drink beverages or eat food while reading this blog at your own risk, I cannot be held responsible if you laugh so hard you spit coffee over your keyboard or choke on a piece of chicken!!

22 thoughts on “Read me FIRST!! Go on…I’m serious, you know you want to!!

  1. Pingback: Read me FIRST!! Go on…I’m serious, you know you want to!! – phicklephilly

    • Hahahaha I don’t think anyone reads the instructions….most fun people are rule breakers!!!
      Having said that my journey has been interesting and unique and for someone to understand exactly where I came from to where I am now they probably should follow the rules….It is really worth the read, it has been a fun, interesting and tumultuous ride to be sure!!


  2. So nice to me you Jad☺️I read your rules and will try to catch up with the older posts…but, as you said, it is hard just keeping up with what is current. Perhaps you could change the date (republish) some of your best pieces from the past that are integral to your journey? If not, no worries…your blog, your rules😃

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    • Thanks for your suggestions Michael, I have actually started to Re-blog an early post on Saturdays though I am afraid I am not very good at it and once again weekend activities took over and I am a little behind 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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