Dooms of dating….still!!

So you have been introduced to the little lady R,  the hottie Ryan and our repeat offender Wendell, now it is time to meet O!! We talked for about 3 seconds before he asked me out for lunch, normally I would immediately back off when someone is so forward however he was entertaining and could speak in full sentences so I continued to chat with him. He had a quirky sense of humor and when I had told him I was planning on heading out clothes shopping he offered to come with, hold my purse while I tried on dresses and call it a first date!! After a couple of hours of harmless chatting on POF he asked me out again so I suggested we could meet for coffee, he gave me his phone number so I dialed *67 and called him.
Readers let me tell you I feel like I had a lucky escape, a date with O would not have gone well, even just a coffee date. He was not a bad person, in fact he was a sweet harmless man, he was just so not for me and the fact that he said he would need time to take his weekly shower before we met for coffee confirmed it!! Had we gone on a formal date I would have had to do a runner…You know climb out the bathroom window or something!!

Because of this I decided I needed to change my modus operandi, My first date with M was a dinner date and it went really well, in fact it was….well you read the story you know what it was like, but imagine it was O and we went out to dinner…ugh perish the thought!!

So from now on the rules for first dates is coffee or beer with no plans to move on to dinner or anything else until another day. With this in mind we move on to K, I had been talking to him for a couple of days and while there was not really any connection he had a fetish for woman’s shoes…particularly woman wearing shoes, so I figured hell having a conversation with him about wearing shoes during sex would be really easy!!

I should have listened to my first instincts, we met for a beer and there was zero physical attraction. K did not look like his profile pic, he was around 20 – 30 pounds heavier and he did not carry it well. Superficial of me I know, but hell this is casual sex!! What I care about is can he string a sentence together in a single try, am I physically attracted to him and do I think he will be hot in bed!!

This situation however leaves me with a dilemma, how do I tell K I do not find him physically attractive without hurting his feelings…I want to keep my self esteem in tact through this casual dating adventure but I also do not want to cause damage to the self esteem of others….Turns out K let me off the proverbial hook and made it easier for me, we exchanged some perfunctory text messages after our meet, he said he had a great time, enjoyed meeting me and would love to go out again sometime. I responded that I had enjoyed meeting him also. It seems the fact that I did not suggest another date let him know I wasn’t interested, K he has not contacted me since. Or maybe I have it totally wrong and K was not attracted to me…though I can’t Imaging why, I’m adorable! Whatever the reason for the lack of follow up messages, my self esteem is still intact and I was saved from an awkward conversation!

So now to save some time…..And I really do need to save time……It’s very time consuming chatting with a smorgasbord of men, working full time, shopping for sexy underwear..AND writing a blog…! Anyway I digress, to save time I am going to summarize where I am at so you can see which fish I have currently have on a line but also so I can try and keep tabs on them all because quite frankly I have lost track!!

M – witty, intelligent, incredibly generous lover – currently blocked
J – on again and off again chatter, seems as soon as we suggest meeting for a beer he stops talking to me.
W – NO not Wendell, this is a different W…he lives two hours away but he is a mighty fine specimen of mankind with an added bonus of intelligent interesting conversation and I am pretty sure we are going to meet for sex at some time in the future with both of us knowing we are going to meet for sex!!
H, J and J – yep two more Js…these 3 all have been chatting with me for almost a week, I am not feeling very confident of there being a physical connection with any of them but have decided to meet them all for a beer and go from there…..No…Not at the same time!! geesh!!
J and I – both of these live more than two hours away so if we decide to meet, which so far seems unlikely I would have to at least have dinner with them, cannot see them driving 2 – 3 hours for coffee!! If we meet I hope they are not so creepy that I need to crawl out the bathroom window in the restaurant!

So that’s it for now, stay tuned for upcoming events in the life of Jad!!


10 thoughts on “Dooms of dating….still!!

  1. (with a smirky grin once more…)

    Jad, at least you are getting enough quantity to better refine WHAT the quality should be. Yes? 😉 Doing this and doing it thoroughly well does not define us in the least. In fact, in my opinion it is extremely wise to ‘shop around plenty’ so as to actually KNOW what works well while learning a TON about yourself! Win win, right?

    I think hurting other’s temporary feelings and getting temporarily hurt is a bit overrated/feared when you really consider the available numbers out there. No reason for everyone not to be mature adults about it, and it also helps with raw honest proactive communication. Yet, I do realize that this would be the ideal, not the norm. But I’m somewhat of a realistic optimist! Hahahaha! Alright…

    …turning the page to “Insert straw and drink from bottle!” 🙂

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