Insert straw and drink from bottle!

The weekend comes round and I do not have any hot dates set up. Nobody so far seems to meet up to the standards of M and I am pining over the loss of amazing sex!! A good friend of mine will not allow me to have a pity party and she gently coerced me…solidly pushed me…. grievously forced me……Alright!! alright!! I went willingly… to spend the entire day lazing in her pool drinking wine…I know what a hardship!!

To save any of us from having to do the hard trek of actually getting out of the pool to refill my wine, it was placed in a large beer glass with some frozen fruit pieces to keep it cold and a straw to keep it lady like. I drank an entire bottle of wine in this manner through the course of the afternoon while lavishly soaking up the sun.

Drinking my wine in such an uncouth manner reminded me of an earlier conversation I had with M, we were discussing wine and he indicated that if I opened the bottle and inserted a straw we would have to talk however If I inserted 2 straws and we shared the wine then that would not be violating any social conventions…This memory bought back the sadness though I was not sure if I was sad because I was not going to see M anymore or sad that I was not going to have great sex!!

A bottle of wine later and I was feeling quite buzzed….my good friend who is rather bossy did not let up her thoughts on me blocking M and she kept on insisting that I unblock him…I am not sure if it was the wine or the fact that just thinking of M had my hormones raging that made me do it but I unblocked him….Actually I think it was just my pushy friend that made me do it!!!

So later that evening when I got home I sent M a message, I apologized for not messaging him for a couple of days when it was my turn and then told him about breaking all social conventions by drinking wine out of a beer glass with a straw.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on perspective) M did not appear to realize he was ever blocked and responded a couple of days later to inform me that as long as it was over 90 degrees and we were outside he saw no violations of social convention and assured me the grapes did not mind because he has asked them!…..I read his message which made me smile but then I thought… I am really going to do this….I am really going to continue to sleep with M at risk to my self esteem….Yep, it seems I really am!

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