How the bloody heck does it get better every time!!!

I follow M’s car from the restaurant to his house feeling immensely relieved about the conversation and happily anticipating some enjoyable sex. Once we get in the house I feel like I should probably make an effort to talk a little before we dive right in so I ask him about the art work on his walls…..Yeah yeah! I know I said last time that I was coming here for sex and not a fucking art museum but I truly am interested! He took me around his home from room to room showing me the different pieces on his walls and giving me some details about where they came from until we get to his bedroom….as far as I am concerned the art lesson is over and I am ready!!

I think M realized I was more than ready when I put my arms around his neck and started kissing him. He wasted no time, lifting my dress up over my head he dropped it to the floor and started kissing and nibbling from my lips slowly down my neck…I kicked of my shoes…….yes I really did!!!…….Fast forward…… Insert imagination here!!

Some more kissing and conversation and once again it is time for me to walk naked through his house collecting my clothes, get dressed and drive home fully sated….until the next time!

All I can say is how the heck does it get better each time? I find that with every experience there is something new and wonderful to discover. I could have sex with “M” every day of the week, hell twice a day if I could, but there is something to be said for the anticipation….I think that “M” is not only extremely generous and attentive in bed he is also very clever in making sure I want to keep coming back.

I guess I no longer need to have sex with shoes on 🙂

10 thoughts on “How the bloody heck does it get better every time!!!

  1. Such a wonderful read of a woman blossoming into a more WHOLE confident female beauty and courtesan that most all men dream. Those men who deny it are lying. She is indeed the mysteries that “launch 1,000 ships” beginning wars, prolific poems, and some of the greatest romances of history! Mmmmmmm.

    …turning the page again… 🙂

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