The date with no name!!

Hello to all my devoted fans…. okay…my friends…hello to all my friends…Ya know you really should share my witty, insightful and informative blog so that maybe I could actually get some devoted fans…..Just if you do, please deny any knowledge of knowing me either now, in the past or in the future because if your friends and family knew that you were friends with a slightly quirky, fun loving, bat shit crazy, nymphomaniac they  may disown you!!

So anyway putting all that aside I thought I better let Y’all know that finally you are all up to date on the life and times of Jad!!  Posts will now be written real time so you all will get the down and dirty as it happens when it happens….Oh no no no, scratch that, there is no fricken way I am stopping half way through an Orgasm so I can write about it…You will get the gossip later, you know, the next day or something!!

Trouble is I am running out of interesting and witty things to write and if I don’t get some excitement in my life soon this may well end up going from being the most interesting blog ever to the most boring.

Oh well it seems all I have for you today dear readers is to give you an update on my update and an update on my date… many fucking dates in that sentence even for me!!!

M –  Mutual agreement is a dinner date ending with sex generally once a week depending on work and life commitments. Neither of us are opposed to the occasional impromptu steamy sex session if needs should arise

W –  Not much new to report except I am working on it!! W has a lot of work commitments at the moment so now the ball is in his court as to if and when we meet for sex. If things do go well with W then I will probably spend several weekends a month in his home town racking up hotel points and doing a tremendous amount of shopping. Ideally we would go out to dinner Saturday night then go back to my hotel room for sex, I would then kick him out….no sleep overs remember…but I might possibly invite him back in the morning for breakfast sex…delicious!!! I say this but honestly it might not end up being delicious at all…only time will tell!

H – we have been talking on and off for a bit and there is absolutely zero physical or intellectual attraction on my part and quite honestly I am not sure why I have continued to converse with him…. I have a coffee date with H tomorrow and unfortunately I do not know his name…..Awkward much!!!

M – This is a new one, not sure if there is going to be any physical attraction as there are two photos and one he looks very attractive and the other so so…he is most certainly intelligent however our conversation has not been as free flowing as I find it usually is with intelligent men…we are supposed to meet for coffee one day next week.

J – just started talking to another J in the last 2 days, uses words like nomenclature which I actually had to google the meaning of…I love words and I love it when someone uses big words and manages to do it in the right context, I was enjoying our banter but I just discovered he lives 2 hours away I do not even want to consider a distant casual parter…I made an exception for W because he is “so fine” but I think I am going to have to give J the flick….in a nice way!!

I – I really do not know what to make of this fella, I told him right from the start he lived too far away but he is very persistent, during several conversations when I have tried to deter him and tell him I found a casual partner he has made comments he is jealous of that person….I have zero tolerance for any type of jealousy and I will never meet this person, I have pretty much told him that but he remains ever hopeful and sends me messages daily in hopes of winning my heart even though I have told  him my heart is made of stone.

J –  Still not talking to me, have not talked for days, it would appear J is no longer interested and he has been moved to the bottom of the list.

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