Pond fishing and reeling in scum!!

Seems my bait must be a little off or there is a full moon because just lately I seem to be catching a lot of pond scum in the murky waters of POF!

I now have 3 stalkers! I upgraded my membership and handed over $81 to POF because I figured I would probably get more immediate support and customer service if they had some of my dollars!.. I have yet to contact them but if our friend Wendell creates another account then I will need to.

Upgraded membership gives you a lot more options and you can see when someone has looked at your profile and at what time. Weirdo Wendell takes a peek at my profile at least once a day, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day which is a little creepy…..Actually it is a whole lot creepy!!

Do you remember “I” from my last post, you know the persistent little dick who just won’t go away!! Well he got a little intense yesterday and started saying stuff like he wants the essence and the sweet taste of the nectar and that sex is physical and love goes beyond sex and he wants to make love to me….and I am thinking fuck!! This guy just does not get it…how many times do I have to tell him that I will not have SEX with him and honestly, if I am not going to have sex with him, I am sure as fucking hell not going to “make love” with him! I have stopped responding to all messages from “I” he messages me every couple of hours sometimes 3 – 6 messages at a time….maybe eventually he will get a clue!

Then in walked “R”, he seemed harmless enough so we chit chat for a couple of minutes and then he said “so you like a 3 some” It seems his interpretation of my profile stating that I am looking for 2 – 3 casual partners is that I want them ALL at the same time…I soon put him straight on that but it was clear he was a little off so I told him in a nice way to “piss off” he said he understood he was not for me but then said maybe we can chat as friends…I am sick of falling for that bullshit line, I do not know why I keep doing it…it is how I got in the mess with “I”…So here I go again feeling sorry for R and find myself telling him sure we can chat here as friends as long as you understand it is not going to go any further…Pretty sure “R” is related to “I” because now I am in the same situation, no matter how many times I tell him no way, now how!  I have received promises of dinner, money, beer and steamy sex…R is now being ignored..I continue to get messages on a regular basis and I am wondering how long I have to keep ignoring this idiot before he goes away!

Stayed tuned….next post… coming soon, well as soon as I get off my arse to write it!! is an update on my date with no name and impromptu sex with M

8 thoughts on “Pond fishing and reeling in scum!!

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  2. Internet dating sites, love sites, all the “vanilla” sites galore out there open up a few different Pandora Boxes for people — they get down right nasty, weird, or ‘love sick’ because it’s SAFE for them to do so with aliases and all. That’s why in the past I’ve always preferred those sites utilizing identity checks/verifications and Silver-ish, Gold-ish, or Platinum memberships because one’s hard-earned money DOES tend to make people more genuine and serious about the website’s theme/hookup. And of course, lots of profile pics too for further genuine identities!

    But Jad, here’s the ironic thing I found to be generally true when comparing ALL the some dozen various sites (of all types of themes) I tried over the years:

    The 3 sites I found to be most productive of my time, energy, and money invested were Alt.com (serious BDSM/Kink), AdultFriendFinder.com (for purely sexual, pseudo-impersonal 1, 2, or 3-night stand sex), and SDC.com (for open-swinging lifestyles & couples connected with quality Swinger Clubs like Colette Dallas).

    Again, I realize this post was done in Aug. 2016 and your situation may have changed (I hope not since this was only 13 mons ago — don’t EVER stop exploring!), but it is good firsthand information if you need. 🙂 ❤

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  3. I can’t get POF to work on my phone at work. Blocked on the internet and whatever someone wrote must be pretty good cause even my DATA won’t pull it in. I’ll have to wait till I get home.

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