Spoiler Alert!! hahahaha just kidding!!

Seriously! did you honestly think I would share the enactment of one of my fantasies! I know that I am a sometimes quirky, fun loving, batshit crazy woman who has absolutely zero filter but the sharing of fantasies real or imagined is probably about where I draw the line!!

Suffice to say that I did head to “M”s house and we did spend 2 hours..or more having an absolutely marvelous time in which I once again had to walk through his house searching for my clothes……by the way….the vibrator never left my purse!!!

The following morning I sent “M” a follow up message which basically alluded to the fact that another of my fantasies involves morning sex, getting a text from him one morning when I am sleeping and going around there in my pajamas while my hair is still tousled from sleep….”M”s response was that he may be able to accommodate that some day!!

Someday!!! fuck…. which day?????? Oh why the fucking hell do I get myself into these things. Now, before I go to bed every night I need to make sure I am nicely shaved, freshly showered and prepared for sex on the off chance that M sends me a text for morning sex…cripes on a crumpet!!!!  And mouthwash…now I need to keep fucking mouthwash in my car!!

Oh before I go I almost forgot to share with you the story of “S”….he lives a 3.5 hour drive away. We had a very interesting dialogue going, he is totally bamboozled by the honesty in my profile and has admitted he is strangely drawn to me. We talked about the distance and he assured me that would not be a problem and that he would get a hotel…he also assured me it would not be a hotel 6 if I got his meaning!! He then went on to promise me 10 hours of foreplay, 2 hours of sex, 7 hours of rest and then back the next day for more. I am strangely attracted to this man and find myself wondering if he could actually live up to his promises!! I send a message to “M” to ask his opinion….!!

Jad: Someone from Bxxxx. is promising me 10 hours of foreplay, 2 hours of sex, 7 hours of rest and then back the next day for more….Do you think I should take him up on his offer!!!
M: Someone in Bxxxx. is lying to you. But even if he were off by a factor of 5 it could be fun.

After some more dialogue with “S” I discover that there could be a small dilemma to our situation…I asked if he read my profile…he said “yes”, I said “are  you sure you read it in full, you know…2 -3 casual partners??” He responded with “Ah hell no, I am not sharing”!!
So it seems I will no longer get my promised 10 hours of foreplay, 2 hours of sex, 7 hours of rest and then back the next day for more.

“S” waited a good 10 minutes before sending me a message back, he said the sharing was a deal breaker for him but he was still strangely fascinated with me and would like to meet one day for dinner and hopefully I can teach him some things about how I get away with being so honest and open…I told him I am always up for dinner and conversation!!
Heck if he wants to drive 3.5 hours for dinner, conversation and a warm handshake at the end of the night, I might even buy !!

7 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert!! hahahaha just kidding!!

  1. Hahahaha! Why is reading from start to finish a DYING ART these days!? Huh!? Why, why, WHY!!!? Should I even go on about reading something so thoroughly 2-3 times you damn well nearly have it all memorized!? Why do most heterosexual males have no clue about what it means to ALSO BE sapiosexual?????? Riddle me that? 😖 LOL

    Grrrrr, turning the page… ❤

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