The date with “A” name and an Impromptu Rendezvous!!

Sunday morning rolls around way too fast and it is time for me to go on my coffee date with a man, who at this point was still nameless. I dress carefully even though there does not seem to be any chemistry online and I am not expecting anything from this date except a cup of coffee. Arriving early I choose a seat where I can see him arrive. I am pleasantly surprised, he is far more attractive than his online photo and unfortunately as I have no filter I bluntly tell him so!! I still do not know his name, we order coffee and “praise and Thank you” to the barrister she asks for his name for the order…its “A” so now I feel like we have been introduced, albeit via the barrister šŸ˜›

We enjoy a pleasant cup of coffee and while the conversation seems to flow it seems to lack any real substance which is pretty much what I found to be true with our online chat. In all fairness to “A” he is a nice enough guy and probably someone I might enjoy being a friend to but I do not see this ever going past anything but friendship. One of the worst things about this entire dating scene is now I have to find a way to tell him this…..I take the chickens way out and decide to wait a couple of days!!

When I get home I send a message to “M” that my date was not successful as there was zero chemistry and that the act of spending all that time getting carefully dressed for the date left me…..wanting….!

I spent the remainder of the day hanging around my apartment not really doing much, tried to go for an afternoon nap but was as usual rather unsuccessful in that endeavor.

I had colleagues coming in from the East coast and we had planned to meet for dinner at a local BBQ joint…Again I dressed carefully because it seems to be what I do these days and head to the restaurant. We have a pleasant evening of dinner and conversation….Almost at the end of dinner I take my phone out to show my colleagues a music clip….I had just taken a large sip of soda when a message from “M” comes in on my phone

M :Ā Now that you’ve been thinking nonstop about sex for the past few weeks, what fantasies have you come up with that you want to try?

Seriously!! I almost spat sodaĀ all over my work colleague!!

I sent a hurried message to “M” that I was at dinner and would be home in around 15 minutes to answer his question then made my excuses to my colleagues….Basically I told them they were being ditched for “M!!”

When I got home I hoppedĀ on my computer, “M” and I shared a little small talk before I chimedĀ in and told him that there areĀ some fantasies but that I felt awkward, “M” was very reassuring so I jumped head first right on in and spilled!!….”M” responded with some suggestions regarding the fantasy I had shared…..My response to “M” was that now I was so hot I was going to have to reacquaint myself with my vibrator…”M” suggested that I head over to his house and bringĀ my vibrator with me….Nobody neededĀ to ask me twice!!!

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