Update smupdate!!! It really is a word…google it!!

So….if any of you got so hooked on my “spoiler alert” posts that you decided to go back and re read them again I am sure you have noticed some significant changes….If this happens to be the case the first thing I want to know is…..why the fuck were you reading them again, did you not get the gist of it the first time and more importantly please tell me you do NOT know me because its kind of weird to think that someone who knows me personally might actually WANT to read that stuff a 2nd time round…..Anyway as I so often do, I digress…After “M” and I shared the experience of enacting out a fantasy which he so easily pried from me I felt that our sexual experience was at a point that was beyond the realm of being able to share…quite seriously, previous posts almost put this blog into a pornographic range so anything more would put it over the edge and this is most definitely NOT what my blog is supposed to be about.

I really felt at the time of writing the blog that I needed to include those details just so my readers could truly understand  why this entire experience is so exhilarating, exciting, sensual and new to me but in hindsight I do not think the details are important.
I think I do a pretty decent job of expressing my thoughts and feelings with openness and honesty, enough to express why I say, think, feel and do the things I do!!

Additionally to this there are some people that I would like to share my blog with and to date I have not because of the previous “spoiler alert” posts…..These posts have all since been modified from “R rated” posts to a more “G rated” experience.

If this modification or update to my blog upsets or offends you in anyway please feel free to file a formal complaint by dialing 1800 DILLIGAF

6 thoughts on “Update smupdate!!! It really is a word…google it!!

  1. Damn! I have been reading “post” edited versions! I feel cheated, but only slightly! I have a vivid and capable imagination!


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