A date in Madrid or a bathtub full of ice!!

It is time to introduce you all to “A2″not to be confused with “A1″ who, if you remember was the date with no name….”A2” has become my number 4 stalker and is probably the most intense and scariest of them all.

“A2” from all accounts seems to be an engineer who is also the CEO of his own successful company. And…..he has fallen madly in love with me just from reading my profile along with a few brief message exchanges!! I know, I am just irresistibly adorable right!!!

To start with “A2” seemed like a really nice guy, he has many profile pictures all of which he has a beautiful smile which reaches all the way to his eyes.
Initially we exchanged some very brief messages, with the 3rd message he asked me for my contact details. I told him I do not provide personal information unless I meet someone in person, he asked why and I told him I already had 3 stalkers and did not need any more….Ironically he told me emphatically that he is not the type of man who can stalk and it is at this point he provided me with a whole bunch of personal information all of which seemed legit!!

So fast forward a couple of days and after some very brief exchanges with “A2” it started to come across to me that he was looking for the love of  his life!! To cut a very long boring story short I basically told him there was zero chance of committed relationship and that I was “playing the field”

“A2” responded to my message with a long diatribe explaining how heartbroken he was and how I was the one for him, the love of his life and there was no other. He told me that he was willing to sell his business, his ranch and his house and move anywhere in the world to be with me. He also said that he had the means to treat me like a queen and fly me to Spain for a lunch date……It was all so over the top and very creepy.

I used the contact information he provided me including his full name, phone number, email address and company website to verify him….This man, is who he says he is and he is in fact accomplished and successful….that in itself is some scary shit because who the fuck knows what resources he may have to try and locate me!!

I just hope one day I do not wake up in some fucking bathtub in a hotel room in Madrid with my fucking kidneys removed!!

5 thoughts on “A date in Madrid or a bathtub full of ice!!

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  2. One of the first red-flags, at LEAST a yellow-flag, when someone (particularly an impatient horny or swollen-heart male? LOL) verbally tells you they are not what you fear typically doesn’t recognize the VALUE in earning trust over time with actions/behavior. This requires discipline and patience (easy to do when living inside an Abundance Economy, as mentioned previously 😉 ), which unfortunately is… umm… strenuous(?) for those whose blood-flow goes in only one direction at any given time. 😛

    Curiously turning the page…

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