Plenty of fish OR plenty of fucked up people?

To be sung in the tune of the 12 days of Christmas my new song is called the….

“The murky ponds of PoF”

1 – Weird old Wendell (tune- five golden rings)
2 – Insane Austins
3 – Nutty Ranchers
4 – Crazy rich bastards
And a fucked up game of come see!! (tune- and a partridge in a pear tree)

I seriously had no idea how many crazy bastards are walking among us masquerading as normal people…We all have a little crazy in us, I mean, how monochrome would this world be if we didn’t…..but there is crazy and then there is….weird perverted fucked up crazy!!! And I seem to be a fricken magnet for them….Once again below are some extracts of online dating horrors…names are not changed as I do not protect wankers!!
Arthur and Wendell you have already met in detail so they are not included below however the Insane Austin and the Nutty Rancher were only briefly introduced in this previous post….I also threw in a little extra treasure for your amusement!!!…or horror, depending on perspective!

IH753: Can you call me? No harm in that!!!
Jad: No, I cannot call you, I have really told you quite a bit that you and I just will not work, I find your persistence actually a little unnerving, I told you quite sometime ago that it would not work for us but you wanted to continue to chat as friends but honestly I do not feel that is possible any longer because it is clear that even though I have told you many times nothing will happen between us you are refusing to accept that.
I think perhaps it is better if you do not message me anymore and that you concentrate on finding someone who is the right person for you.I wish you all the best
IH753: Thanks for the love……My best to you also
IH753: I also wanted to say,,,,I enjoy licking from the flower
IH753: Good morning Jad…I hope you have a wonderful day
IH753: Hey sweet Jad… How is your evening going?
IH753: How are you doing Jad? Are you still upset with me?
IH753: How are you doing sweet Jad?
IH753: I will come see you…
IH753: Have wonderful day Jad….
IH753: Are you upset with me?
IH753: You are such an elusive woman…..WHY!!!
Jad has successfully blocked IH753

Jad: Richard honestly I do not think we are getting anywhere with this conversation. I think it would be far more valuable for you to spend your time here in POF searching for your Ms wonderful
RDR63TX: I know I dont have a chance with you you already told me that just thought I would say hi and see how your day is going
Jad: I get that but now you want to talk to me about sex and it is offputting
RDR63TX: I just said I love sex and ask when do you like it
RDR63TX: well anyway I think your a very sweetheart
RDR63TX: and you probably really hot in bed
RDR63TX: how are you offended
RDR63TX: how are you did I offendedyou
RDR63TX: hello jad
RDR63TX: how are you
RDR63TX: good morning
RDR63TX: how are you
RDR63TX: how’s yourday
RDR63TX: hello jad
RDR63TX: good morning
RDR63TX: hello jad
RDR63TX: hello jad
Jad has successfully blocked RDR63TX

Drum roll please……jerk of the year award goes to Texy1498!!

Texy1498: I like that you are not looking for a committed relationship, but is the chemistry is right to move beyond acquaintances, that you are open to explore a physical, non exclusive relationship. You think like a guy and are not afraid to say what you think. I like that! Congrats. Let me know if you like in me what you see.
Jad: Hi Texy,
I appreciate that you read and had a correct understanding of my profile, so often many people do not.
At the age of 50 I think most people should know what they want and actively seek it!!
For right now I trying to keep within 25 miles of where I live. Hotel sex does not really appeal to me and I am not willing to invite men into my home….so right off the bat before you and I have really had any dialogue I see distance as being a problem.
Texy1498: If your other bulls are not filling all of your needs and you choose to wander outside your fence line for more satisfying entertainment, let me know. if you wish to expand your horizons and expand your breeding herd by adding this bull to your stables, please contact me Add me to your favorites so that you can find me when that hour of need arises. Kisses 😘😘

What a jerkoff!!

5 thoughts on “Plenty of fish OR plenty of fucked up people?

  1. I don’t understand how Texxy was a jerk, I though his reply was quite punny and not perverted. Although I don’t know how the rest of the conversation went.


  2. At least these are becoming very valuable lessons for you Jad! Having worked in the Psych/A&D field for years, much of this you write about is more common place than most people ever DREAM of divulging about themselves! HAH! 😛

    And… the page turns once again…

    Liked by 1 person

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