To write or not to write…my dilemma!!

So now I find myself in quite a quandary and for this I am asking you…yes YOU, my readers for some input and advice……Stop!! I can see you moving your mouse towards that X to close the page! I can even read your thoughts….”Ah fuck no, I did not sign up for this blog to give advice to a slightly quirky, fun loving, batshit crazy woman who just turned 50!!! I know, its a pain in the arse but hell you already invested so much in reading my blog…in for a penny in for a pound and all that crap right??? So just give me a little advice here okay!  I would be in your debt….for about 3 seconds. Just leave a comment with your most insightful advice….or you can leave a comment telling me to piss off and to work the shit out for myself….

So here is my dilemma in all its glory!!
This blog has always been about me and my journey, I have always kept personal details and names of people private….except for creepy stalker dudes.
The situation has changed somewhat and the role of M2 may not be that of just a casual sex partner….but something more! I have no clue as to what I mean by that or how much more, just that it feels different and writing about him in a blog seems deceitful.

Because of this change of situation it is “WAY out of line” for me to include M2 in a blog like this without his knowledge and permission so I have four choices.
A) Tell M2 about my blog, give him an understanding about what it is about but ask him to respect my request that he not read it but also ask for permission to include him… anonymously of course.
B) Tell M2 about my blog, allow him to read it and decided if he wants to be included…again anonymously.
C) Write – “the end” to my blog and make one more final post for my journey.
D) Continue to write my blog but find a new topic to write about…still amusing and witty but totally irrelevant to sex and chocolate (if you choose this option please provide topic suggestions with your comments)

There you have it, A,B,C or D

Let the advice begin!!!!!

13 thoughts on “To write or not to write…my dilemma!!

  1. None of the above. Just keep writing whatever the hell you want. After all you are Jad. And for all we know or anyone for that matter it could all be fiction


    • Hiya, thanks for your comment.
      You are so right, this could all be fiction and I could have made all this shit up…..just a slight problem. Both M1 and M2 know me as Jad!!


  2. Gidday Jad 😉
    If your relationship is a corker you want it to be fair dinkum. You dont want to be up the creek without a paddle.Your as mad as a cut snake and what you did b4 was open slather. I dont think a barney will happen. He is a bonza bloke so get ur laughing gear happening and have a chinwag, there will be no hassles. So scrub up, and she,ll be apples.. Toodle pip 💋


  3. Here’s my 5 cents. I agree with Hayley. Keep writing because IMHO it is helping you work things out to put things down on “paper”. You don’t have to tell M2 about it if he remains anonymous. Perhaps keep going with the “story”, but start with a new blog and a new name? – just be sure to let your subscribers know about it so we can keep following you. I also think that not giving M1 or M2 access to your blog is going to free you up more to write what you are actually thinking without having to take anyone else’s feelings/opinions into consideration. I see your blog as the equivalent of talking/venting/sharing with really good girlfriends. Boys are not invited. LOL. I hope the makes sense.


    • Thanks for your comment, wont need to move this blog….heck I paid for this site for a whole year…no refunds LOL
      My feelings are for A or D but I would not decide A until at least we had a few more weeks under our belt!!
      Yes I sometimes find this blog very cathartic….who knows maybe I will move from a blog to a book


  4. Well, as a fellow anonymous blogger, I have to say that the writing and sharing of your thoughts and feelings should be kept separate from M2’s concerns. This blog is about YOU, and the cathaticism you receive from your outpouring on these posts! I know you have continued, so onward I read, to realize the outcome of your decision!

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  5. B!!! Hands down, no question whatsoever… for me.

    At first I wanted to ask you Jad, “Why only four choices, A, B, C, or D????” Boxing oneself in can be quite damaging to this exquisite still ongoing delicious journey you’ve embarked on!!! Why stop it now after only… how many months!!!????? 😮

    Besides, if you want the total freedom to exhaustively explore your simmering-near-boiling point sexuality, that isn’t possible with one person. Everyone, every single human being does things differently all the time — unless of coure they themself’s are in a bad rut. Why restrict yourself? As long as YOU and your partner(s) are mature, civil, RESPONSIBLE sexually active adults, everything is good. That’s my little humble opinion. 😛

    Turning the page once more…

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