People of PoF…Please restock the pond!!

So it would seem I have fished out the pond on PoF and all that is left is bottom feeders, catfish and slimy eels!!

My life has now been reduced to sending random messages to creepers just so I can have a little fun with them….take this message for example!!

Jad: Do you actually get very many woman willing to have discreet fun with you without you having a profile picture and why discreet?
Curious minds want to know 🙂
Professor Jones: I’m married and no, not many but I did hook up with a couple last week!
Jad: Well Mr Jones….you and I could have had a ton of fun except for the married bit….I don’t want to sleep with your wife and I am pretty darned sure she does not want to sleep with me!!

Funny thing is he has not answered me… you think I offended him?

I also sent the following random message…..I had a couple of beers or 5 so I can be excused for this one…or maybe not!

Jad: I am a little confused by your profile. You indicate you want to date but nothing serious but then you have a comment that you want to be loved. Those two things are incongruous to each other.
I am also curious…what the heck does “Christian – other” mean, your either Christian or your not!!
Perhaps you should fix your profile 🙂

It seems that A was not deterred by my obnoxious little message and sent quite a lengthy response, a 2 hour conversation ensued and by the end of the evening I had a date. Around lunch time on the day of the date I got a message that he has a summer cold and needed to cancel….So, either he really does have a summer cold and he will reschedule or he got cold feet and I will never hear from him again!!

The same people check my profile over and over again and I check their profiles back and we keep looking at each others profiles and I feel like I know so many fish on PoF personally just because we have profile gawked so many times. I equate the checking of the profiles to actually getting a fish on your line, you reel it in, take a look at the fish and decided if it is work keeping for further use, or you decide it is not worth anything and throw it back in…..I throw an awful lot of them back in the muddy waters of PoF.

I am running out of options here…I am either going to have to wait until the pond is restocked (I don’t hold out much hope) or I am going to have to accept some of the multiple offers to fulfill some young hot studs “Mrs Robinson” fantasies…For some strange reason I cannot define, I do not find this option very appealing.

Another option is to go out into the big bad world and actually try and meet someone the traditional way…or is it really the traditional way anymore? Online dating seems to be the norm these days. Anyway, went to a bar last night, listened to music, ate dinner, sat on my phone having text conversations with people on PoF and then went home…..I did not speak to a single person except the barman. I could have saved myself some money and done all that from the comfort of my own living room!!

I am supposed to have a date with J tonight, you know the one that we keep going to set up and date and then he stops talking to me and then we talk again and so on and so on. Well, from my drunken bowling episode J and I set up a date for Thursday, this is the first time we actually chose a day. I asked him where and what time and he said “let me think about that” I have not heard from him since. It is now Thursday morning…..I do not expect that I am having a date tonight!!

I guess I have resigned myself to my once a week date with M1….yep!! My weekly date is back on….for now 🙂

9 thoughts on “People of PoF…Please restock the pond!!

  1. This sort of “interaction” on “sketchy” websites adverting “sketchy behaviors” — which by the way ALL human beings want to do or actually enjoy doing LOL — more often than not ends in all the not-so-attractive human virtues. To wade through all the sludge to find a prize-keeper… one must be quite patient, quite discerning, and quite brave & raw with their communication. At least that’s what I’ve found in my experience, which is little. LOL 😉

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