The “Ninja” strikes again!!

It would seem that M2 really did forgive my deplorable behavior, his response to me inviting myself over to his house was “sure, if you like” and yep, I did like so I ditched R (no hardship) for vodka with M2, pretty sure I did not want coffee with M2 unless the coffee actually meant sex so I figured I would ask for vodka and maybe a lot of it!!

M2 made me a Martini which I had never had before, shaken and not stirred, so maybe he is in the wrong story and should be James bond instead of fucking ninja in bed? Nah, going to stick with the ninja in bed!!! Anyway we talked on his sofa drinking Martini’s for some time…how much is some time? How the fuck do I know. I got there around 8:30ish, I got home around 3 am during that time we had the most amazing fucking sex marathon in the history of mankind so if you are really interested in how much time we spent talking work the fuck out for your self!!! All I know is we talked for a bit okay! I did not just walk into his house head straight for the bedroom and strip, there WAS talking involved!!!

Part of this conversation both before, during and after the marathon involved my blog…Yep!! M2 knows about my blog…Shit, take that thought out of your head!!! When I said, during the marathon I meant during the conversations in between!! Ya dork!

M2 was interested and understanding about my blog and when I read the part about me deciding if I should continue to write and include him he agreed that I should regardless if I chose the share the blog with him or not!!

When I left M2’s house around 3ish I had not given him the website for my blog or made a firm decision regarding sharing but by the time I got home I was pretty sure I was going to share the blog I just wanted the opportunity to check through and see if there was anything I really did not want him to know. The following morning…what? you say 3 am was the fucking morning, okay get all technical on me why don’t  you…A few hours later (is that better?) after a couple of hours sleep I got up, made coffee and read my entire blog from beginning to end. Did you all know that fucker is some pretty interesting reading!!! Anyway, there really was nothing that needed to be removed or changed or hidden, there are obviously some parts that I wrote that I am thinking fuck this is a really bad idea but DILLIGAF right!! Trouble is I probably do give a fuck because I really like M2 otherwise I am sure as hell I would not have emailed him the link to my blog.

I’m not sure exactly why I let M2 in on my blog and I will probably spend sometime over the next couple of days analyzing exactly why I did but regardless of the reasons what’s done is done and now it is just a matter of wait and see what if any repercussions there are.

I am pretty sure M2 is sitting at home right now, on his laptop reading my blog and he is either amused, smiling, laughing and enjoying reading about my adventure or he is completely fucking horrified and I will never see him again, I sure hope it is not the latter!

Another thing that M2 and I discussed sometime during the evening was his designation of M2…see we talked, a lot actually!!! Anyway it hardly seems appropriate that he has been given a designation of M2 in my blog and this does need to be rectified immediately.
I toyed with several possibilities including “fucking ninja”. Switching him to M1 and relegating M1 to M2 I figured would be too confusing so I discounted that idea. I also did a search and found a random ninja name generator and came up with Jadeyes but again discounted that. After careful consideration M2 has been re designated to Mprime – it seems very fitting!!!

of first importance; main.
“her prime concern is the well-being of the patient”
synonyms: main, chief, key, primary, central, principal, foremost, first, most important, paramount, major; More
of the best possible quality; excellent.
“a prime site in the center of Indianapolis”
synonyms: top-quality, top, best, first-class, first-rate, grade A, superior, supreme, choice, select, finest, top-end, top-tier;


5 thoughts on “The “Ninja” strikes again!!

  1. It would seem that M2 really did forgive my deplorable behavior…

    I hope he also punished you for such behavior until you ‘begged for mercy’ several times… loudly!!!? 😈😋 Btw, I’m very pleased you decided to let him in (freely? unedited?) on your blog. Good move!

    Liked by 1 person

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