Prescription for sex!!!

So I went to the doctors today…. Long story but I completely lost my shit on Sunday, I mean when I say I lost my shit I really did!! I bought a Keurig on Saturday and when I went to set it up the bloody thing did not work, kept asking for more water even […]

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas why the fuck did I bring home 8 extra pounds….Yes count them 8 fucking lbs!!!! Okay, I get that I drank copious amounts of alcohol and ate a ridiculous amount of food but really 8 pounds in 5 days who the fuck does that!!! I had 3 […]

Random thoughts and updates!!!

I don’t have a particular theme for this post but do have a lot of thoughts in my head to share, along with a couple of funny and interesting things. So you don’t get completely bored by this nonsensical random bullshit I will start with the funny things…I went shopping with my friend, my female […]