Random thoughts and updates!!!

I don’t have a particular theme for this post but do have a lot of thoughts in my head to share, along with a couple of funny and interesting things. So you don’t get completely bored by this nonsensical random bullshit I will start with the funny things…I went shopping with my friend, my female friend…hey that sounds like a song, doe a deer a female deer!!! D my friend, my female friend…okay, okay I will stop being silly!! My friend “D”and I went shopping together which is what good friends do…They encourage each other to buy shit they don’t need but want anyway and help them to justify the purchase. I am practicing on being a passenger in a car so I let her drive. For those of you who don’t know me another one of my “quirks” is that I cannot be a passenger in a car, honestly!! It is quite frustrating really, it is so bad I walked 2 miles in knee deep snow without a jacket one day because I cannot get in a cab. Anyway I let “D” drive because I am practicing, we are only going a short distance and because she promised me that she would not kill me. She drives this huge big arse car that I need a step ladder to get in and out of so when we arrived at the store I almost face planted out of her car…Walking through the car park I was commenting on how high her car was just like her bed and then happened to say, quite loudly actually that I need instructions on how to get out of her bed!!!  She said “can you not say that so loudly” and we both just busted out laughing. The more detailed story to that is “D” loaned me a bed so I can finally get rid of my airbed, my first night in it I discovered it is a lot further away from the floor than my airbed and while getting out of bed in the morning I ended up arse over tit on the floor. A little bit later we went to eat dinner and I was telling her of a potential date I was talking to and how his picture was not very clear….I then said, again loudly…”Here, let me see if I can get it up for you!” no explanation needed on that one except to say I almost spat Chinese food over my friend from laughing so hard!!!

Changing the subject a bit…okay a lot, I am changing the subject a lot!!
An update that I need to give Y’all is on my current situation in regards to sex…..well yeah, because that is what this blog is all about right???
I know that I keep changing my fucking mind about things the way most people change their underwear and most of Y’all have been so patient with me….but hey I am a slightly quirky, fun loving, batshit crazy woman who just turned 50 and has developed the mind of a pubescent boy when it comes to sex so if I want to change my fucking mind I will!!! Seriously though I think about sex constantly, like every 7 seconds or more!!!

So Y’all know I had the most mind blowing sex on Saturday night with MPrime, seriously I do not honestly think sex can get any better…..Fuck!!
However despite how amazing the sex was and going home completely sated at 3 am and despite my morning sex fantasy fiasco…. By noon the next day the prepubescent boy part of my brain awakened and I was thinking about sex again! I had the opportunity for fantasy sex with M1 in the morning and passed that up….I know right, me passing on sex..sheesh!! A little later in the day M1 sent me a text message, I texted him back and let him know if the offer of sex still stands I was available, M1 had dinner plans so a “purely sex date” was arranged for later that evening. When M1 texted me that he was home I had not long gotten out of the shower so I let him know I was coming around with hair not done and no makeup. He was fine with that and also said there was no need to dress up, just come as I was. I would probably have been arrested if I drove around there in a towel so I did take the time to pull a brush through my hair and slip on a dress.
When I arrived at M1’s house I pretty much said no talking, no drink, just sex and got straight down to it!! It was actually quite hot knowing I was there just for pure unadulterated sex!
This was not the first time I went to M1’s just for sex but it was the first time that we did not sit and talk and have a drink at least first.
Honestly am not sure what my motivation was for making sure that the experience was clearly “sex only” perhaps someday soon I will be able to analyse it as I so often do but then again maybe not, regardless of my motivation I discovered that I could have sex with 2 different partners concurrently and not have any negative feelings towards myself about it. I did not feel morally challenged or horrified or disgusted or any of the things that I thought I might potentially feel.

I am not trying to justify my actions by what I say next because I do not feel they need justifying but I am going to say the following things simply because I want my readers to try and understand the place where I am coming from…..some of you already do, some of you don’t give a shit and just read my blog because it’s funny and some of you may judge me , what ever your thoughts and feelings about the subject…DILLIGAF!! I really, truly don’t care. I have discovered something truly amazing, something many of you take for granted on a daily basis. Sex is amazing, it is pleasurable, sensual, exhilarating and delicious and while the discovery of the wonders of sex is still so new to me I am going to take every single possible opportunity that I can to continue the enjoyment of sex as well as the exploration of so many new things which add extra dimension to the experience….so if this means I go out and fuck the entire Chicago football team for the experience of it then so be it!!!! Pretty sure the Chicago football team has no interest in a 50 year old woman with saggy bits but heck…You know what I mean…If I wanted to, I would and I don’t give a fuck about social convention!!

So after all that drama it would seem that I am back, not to my original intention but to my modified version of the plan of a having 2-3 casual sex partners, friends with benefits, fuck buddies…..someone help me here…what the fuck is the correct terminology??????
Regardless of the lack of correct terminology it seems that for now several of my needs (not just sex) are being fulfilled by M1 and MPrime, both of them being completely different not only in the sexual experience but in other aspects as well and they both add unique, interesting and pleasing dimensions to the entire experience.

So for those of  you who are curious, and I know some of you fuckers are because I have been asked the question by 2 of Y’all….why did M2 get changed to MPrime?
This is difficult to answer and it really is unfair of me to compare M1 and MPrime because it is like comparing oranges to apples but seriously…..Hello!!! 4 hour marathon Ninja sex!!!

I do need to add however that the friendship aspect probably has a lot to do with it too!
I have never been on a date with M1 that has not ended in sex because that is the understanding of the relationship it clearly is all about the sex, the dinner and conversation is a pleasant and interesting sideline….With MPrime I have had several dates without sex and all of them have been extremely pleasant and enjoyable so yeah, the friendship is pretty important…..hey maybe the moral of this story is that everyone should try fucking their friends just once…..they might get amazing marathon Ninja sex out of it!!!

10 thoughts on “Random thoughts and updates!!!

  1. I think about sex constantly, like every 7 seconds or more!!!

    Do you think you might have chosen the wrong profession? Hahahahaha! 🤣😇 It is simply GRAND that you are reaching a point of understanding that if EVERYONE involved with you intimately also know about “others” (even names if everyone can handle it — personally I love the steamy details too) and everything is out up on the table for all to see, hear, etc, then there is absolutely NO REASONS NOT to get all you want when it’s convenient!!! Hell, why not combine everyone simultaneously a few different times, huh!?

    …what the fuck is the correct terminology??????

    LOL….Ummm, mature consenting adults? 😛

    MUST turn the page for the next one!

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