Something else and Self Esteem…Again!

I know that I have been terribly negligent with my blog and for that I apologize….the problem is before I can be totally honest on my blog I first need to be totally honest to myself and that can sometimes take a little time. This journey that I am on has been one of the most […]

Some people are just so wrong!!

I know that I am behind in writing my blog but I have had some recent experiences and I have really struggled on if I want to write about them or not. Finally I decided that I will be true to my word and keep this blog as an honest and factual account of my […]

Cabbage patch kid debacle!!

After all this time I still have a problem with shave bumps on my bikini line so I decided to use a product that you simply spray on, leave for 5 – 10 minutes and wash off….sounds easy doesn’t it. Well you know if it sounds easy, I am going to find some way to […]