Cabbage patch kid debacle!!

After all this time I still have a problem with shave bumps on my bikini line so I decided to use a product that you simply spray on, leave for 5 – 10 minutes and wash off….sounds easy doesn’t it. Well you know if it sounds easy, I am going to find some way to fuck it up and sure enough I do!
I spray all around my Bikini Line and then prepare to leave for 10 minutes, during the 10 minute wait I decided to sit at my computer and check my email……sit….who the fuck sits down when they have spray cream all over their bikini line!!! Well that would be me! So when I get in the bath tub to wash it off I realized that when I sat down cream  had got squished onto other areas that I had NOT designated that I wanted hair free…by the time I finished I looked like a fucking cabbage patch kid with tufts of hair and bald patches everywhere…what a fucking mess and what the fuck was I going to do….the 40 year old stud was coming over and there was no fucking way I had time to clean the mess up!!

Fortunately for me I had already told the 40 year old there was no way I was going to be seen completely naked in his company and he would have to be satisfied with some cute lingerie……I am pretty sure however he wondered if I was trying to set some new trend with perhaps leopard spots gone wrong!!

The following day I decided the only thing left to do was clean it up completely until it had an opportunity to grow back evenly….Ladies not sure if any of you have every tried this but honestly I do not recommend it!! That is all I am going to say about that and I am going to leave the why to your imagination!!



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