Most boring blog ever!!!

I am serious!! My life has turned as boring as this blog is right now…WTF!!

Well, it is not totally boring, I am in the process of leaving this horrendous apartment complex where drug deals, shootings and gangs appear to be a daily event….I am moving to a “cabin in the woods” Yep, you heard it right a cabin in the woods!!!
So this Cabin sits on 20 acres, the only other person on this 20 acres is my landlord who is a man I kind of sorta know, he is building a barndominium on the property. His son spends his nights with a relative and my landlord sleeps in the unfinished barndominium with his 3 dogs…..Me…Alone…in a “Cabin in the woods” with a man I kinda sorta know for a neighbor!!!
According to my sister it sounds like a fucking horror story!!!

As for sex…..What the fuck is that!!! seriously, it has been like forever!! It is not that I have not had the opportunity, I have just had some shitty experiences lately that I have decided to take a little break from that part of my life.
There is shit that I have not blogged about mainly because I have not wanted this blog to be all about doom and gloom and that is where my life was heading.
Honestly, men can be such pigs!! There is so much dishonesty in the online dating world it is fucking ridiculous, I mean for real if a man wants to just fuck they should get on tinder, that is a one night stand hook up site.

After my last couple of experiences and my conversation with J* I decided to try one more time with K, I was totally upfront right from the beginning….as I always am. K was into it, felt that this type of relationship was perfect for him. He was only divorced a year and did not want to get into any type of seriously relationship but did not want a string of one night stands either so this seemed ideal to him. I told him about some of my recent experiences and said to him listen, if we get together and we click and we decide to have sex and then you decide the next day this isn’t for you can you please be honest with me and tell me the score, even if I am shit in bed or my “baby belly” turns you off, whatever the fuck it is just be  honest and let me know, can you at least give me that?? He assured me that he would and asked the same from me.
Long story short the same fucking thing happened that seems to happen every time, we texted a gazillion times a day, made plans for some weekend trips and the renfest but literally the day after we ended up having sex it changed. In all fairness to K he did have some problems which he said was related to medication he was on for his heart condition but I assured him it made no difference to me but still if that was his issue why no honesty. Seriously our texts went from making weekend plans to all of a sudden he probably would not have any free weekends until after December….Once he texted me that, I thought fuck it, I am not even playing these games. I have not texted him since!!

I have not had sex since K and which has been over 3 weeks now and while I have had the opportunity for sex with the 40 year old, the army dude and with J* I have refused them all. I am sick of random sex and it is so frustrating that I have not been able to find one consistent person to have sex with for the next 12 months and that generally, men are lying pigs!!

Oh well, guess I need to get re-acquainted with “B”…..”B is BOB and he lives in my dresser drawer….did you know Bob spells his name backwards sometimes and nobody even knows!!

11 thoughts on “Most boring blog ever!!!

  1. Hmmmm, well… honestly there’s nothing wrong with “BoB” or several other toys, like a Sybian Saddle and such. Most hot, sexy, erotic, fuckin’ toe-curling Goddesses all enjoy solo times alone (or performing solo in front of their partner?) times too. 😉 ❤

    Flippin’ to next page…

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