Jad in true “Thelma” style!!

Note: Posted in February but back dated to November

I have this amazing friend called “D”, I am truly grateful to have her in my life.
Many of our mutual friends, family and work colleagues describe our friendship as similar to that of “Thelma and Louise” and often make “Thelma and Louise” references.
It became such a frequent occurrence that both D and I decided we needed to watch the movie. “D” watched it first and then she texted me and said “You are Thelma”!!….I texted back and said “why do I have to be Thelma??”

I had recently moved into my “Cabin in the woods” and so far had not experienced any scary moments from horror stories….No zombies chasing me through the forest, my landlord who I kinda sorta know has not turned into an ax murderer and I have not been attacked by wild animals or wolves…In fact exactly the opposite, it has been quite a pleasant and peaceful experience…….until!!

This one evening I was tired of unpacking so I decided to stream “Thelma and Louise” I settle down on my sofa and start watching the movie, I can totally see why “D” thinks I am Thelma……Brad Pitt…..Yummy, I could so eat him up!! Literally HA HA….But I digress and that was totally TMI!!   Anyway, now you have visions of me doing the dirty with Brad Pitt lets get back to the story at hand. I was watching the movie and everything is quiet in my little country cabin except the sound of the movie and then all of a sudden I hear someone out on my back deck. I had no curtains at my windows and with all the lights on in the cabin I could not see out but my intruder sure as hell could see in. I ran through my cabin turning the lights out and went into the kitchen to look for a weapon, I managed to find a couple of paring knives….Seriously, what the fuck was I thinking. Here I am wearing little shorty short pajamas and I am about to confront my attacker with a couple of fucking paring knives SMH!!

I duck down below the window in my office then after a little pep talk about bravery I peek up and shine my super duper military strength torch (flashlight for you Americans) through the window to be greeted by the wagging tail of my landlords dog Thelma!!!
I am serious….his dogs name is Thelma and she has semi adopted me!!

At the end of the movie I texted “D” and said “Your right, I am Thelma….but why does it always have to be me that gets into trouble!!” Little did I know I was going to have another “Thelma like” experience a few days later.

I was talking to someone on PoF who we will call “EN”It was a strange conversation, usually I type online for a few days and kind of get to know someone a little before I agree to meet for a date but within a few sentences we had a date set up to meet at Starbucks for coffee (his choice)

The entire date was just “strange” and I am going to cut a long story short by saying that I found myself agreeing to shit that I did not want to do and there seemed to be no plausible explanation for it….All I knew was that I was agreeing to stuff I did not feel comfortable with and was clueless as to why the fuck I was agreeing to shit I did not want to do….I found myself driving to my cabin with EN following in his car…I called Louise (AKA “D”) and talked to her for a bit and got the encouragement and support that I needed so that when we got to my cabin I told EN that I just because he was here did not mean we were having sex and that I was not interested in first date sex…….Okay..that was good yeah????

Unfortunately EN did not get the message and while I did not feel unsafe I certainly did not feel in control of the situation and I was never so happy to see someone leave my house as I was when he left in the morning….Yep!! the morning!! UGH!!

I literally spent the entire night laying on my bed with my eyes wide open trying to work out how the fuck I got myself into that situation, a lot of self evaluation, inner bitch conversations and some hard truths…. I have discovered there is still a part of me that feels intimidated by a certainly personality type and EN was a classic!!

I feel more confident that now I have recognized this weakness I will have the ability to have more control over it!!!

But seriously!!! Why do I have to be Thelma!!

10 thoughts on “Jad in true “Thelma” style!!

  1. Cabins secluded way back into dark, dark woods, where the nearest neighbor is a long, long screaming way off (que the banjos to movie Deliverance), hmmm… yep, I can see it all now. Headlines read:

    “Missing 40-Yr Old Man Found Buried With 12 Other Men’s Skeletons On Aussie’s Cabin Property”

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