Absurd!! – Beyond fucked up!!


Definition of absurd

  1. :  the state or condition in which human beings exist in an irrational and meaningless universe and in which human life has no ultimate meaning


I have decided that “LIFE” is just absurd no matter which way you look at it….if you google the word absurd you come up with many different ways of saying “Beyond fucked up!!” but my favorite would have to be the one I posted above.

Today’s blog is not a happy blog, no wit, no sarcasm, no funny story….this is my rant on humanity…if you don’t want to read it then don’t….I really don’t give a fuck….well yeah I do, I like it when people read my blog but hell, it can’t always be sunshine and fucking roses because then it would be a fairy tale and we all know fairy tales don’t exist!!

No…..fairy tales here….today is about hidden agenda’s, deception and lies…..and the absurdity we call living!! I realize that I have “no filter”, well…that’s not exactly true, I do have a filter otherwise I would not have made it as far as I have with my career…I just choose not to deploy my filter as often as most people do…Honestly I am not sure why, or even if it is a conscious decision anymore. I often have to force myself to deploy my filter at work but to be totally honest with you it would be so much fucking easier if it was socially and professionally acceptable to say just what is on your fucking mind!!! Anytime…anywhere!!

So what prompted this rant…..Men!!
What I am discovering from this journey that I am on is that I am totally fucking clueless when it comes to understanding the male species and also I am discovering that they can play games just as much as women can….if not more!!!
I have updated my online dating profile so many times trying to make it abundantly clear on exactly what I am looking for without it sounding like a help wanted ad but to be perfectly fucking honest with you I am about ready to put something on Craig’s list!!

Wanted: Member of  the male species, must be intelligent, reasonable to look at with neat, clean appearance…must be available to date at least 2 – 3 times per week and must also be available to fuck at least twice a week…Must live within a 30 mile radius of my home or be prepared to travel to my home town “even on school fucking nights”
Must be accepting that this arrangement will come to a conclusion in 12 months or less.
If you cannot meet ALL of the above….don’t bother to fucken apply!!!

Note from writer: That’s me 🙂  Jad…..Not really sure when I wrote the above blog but was probably written after my experience with K, I had such high hopes for him and was once again disappointed….no, not disappointed pissed…I was really pissed…..My experience with K made me turn away from the online dating world…..well at least until sex hormones grabbed hold of me again and Bob just was not enough!!

By the way……I did not take out a Craig’s list ad….yet!!

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