The lazy Bloggess….Or do I just have writers block?

I started this post with an apology for not writing for so long and then I thought what the fuck is up with that. This blog is mine, I am writing it for me, not all you fuckers!! So I deleted the apology and I am just going to say I haven’t  written in a while, so there…deal with it!!

I do have 3 drafts which I have started and never posted mostly because I had some crazy shit going on in my life which was not easy to write about and while I find my blog cathartic it can also be so fucking depressing at times and really lets face it there is enough doom and gloom in life so who the fuck wants to read about it.

I am going to tidy up and post the drafts but what it basically means is they may be out of order and you may not know what the fuck is going on when but really who gives a shit, the timeline does not alter the facts of the story so just read the damn blog and deal with the fact that you might not know which guy came first……ha ha came first, I made a joke LOL!!

4 thoughts on “The lazy Bloggess….Or do I just have writers block?

  1. Outta order? I thought that was the Keunig machine, PoF men, or vending machines?

    Nah, I’m all good cuz you’re right, who who is/was isn’t critical AND I’m not a stickler about numbers anyway. I’ve been around many MANY schizophrenics (bipolar even!)… I know what to do. 😀

    Onward! Turning the Batchit page for the next dramatic twist in the Tales of Jad-a-zippy, the slippery one…

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