Butterfly and Sir…..The end!

After spending an entire night tossing and turning and going through my thoughts I think I am ready to talk about it…. Over the last year or so I have often questioned my choices particularly my choice to divorce Terry and his subsequent return to Illinois and his death 2 weeks later. We spend our lives […]

“R” = that’s just fucking Rude!!

A little while ago I introduced Y’all to “R”…..honestly, I flipped back and forth with him in trying to decide if he was in a committed relationship or not and what I ended up deciding was that I am not about to be his moral compass and if he is screwing around with his wife or […]

Bucket list Bonanza!!

I have a bucket list….It is the most incredible bucket list in the world…way better than most peoples because I am actually checking things off my list…If ya didn’t notice flying last week was one of the items on my bucket list…CHECK!! Another item on my bucket list was to go to Mardi Gras….not just any […]

Run so fast, fly so high!!

Well…not really run so fast..actually not even running at all because I don’t run but I did get to fly…really high….No no, not talking about drugs or shit like that, I mean FLYING…I really did fly!! Ha ha!! I flew a plane and it was absolutely freaking amazing!! So this blog is a little out of […]

30 shades again, and again and again!!

I guess I need to put in the disclaimer again…….There will be mention of spankings and orgasms etc and blah blah blah blah BUT..seriously it has been so difficult to write on this subject mostly because it is a very personal experience which involves the acting out of fantasies…. The first two chapters have been through many edits […]

30 Shades of grey….a continuation!!

So I guess I should have actually put the disclaimer here instead of part one because I barely mentioned spanking and did not talk about orgasms at all, sorry and all that but here is the disclaimer….I am going to refer to spanking, orgasms and a few other bits and pieces so if that is […]