Let’s talk about “R”

It would seem I have been rather amiss in telling Y’all about “R”……Boy I love that word…Y’all”, even when I got back to Aussie land to live I am going to continue to use the word Y’all!!
Anyway, let me tell you about “R”, I met him on PoF probably over 3 months ago and we have been kinda sorta going out since. I have been mostly exclusive to him and I say mostly because I kinda sorta had a couple of situations ( another story remember)  which we wont talk about in this post…So “R” and I have this arrangement where neither of us expect the other to be exclusive but our different situations have worked out that we have been exclusive for the last few months. I have been exclusive (apart from the kinda sort situation) because I am still in that mindset that I do not want to be sexually active with more than one person at a time and he has been exclusive because he has been working on a project that has him working sometimes 80 plus hours a week so his time is limited.
“R” is cute, funny, attentive and fun to being around, on top of all that sex with “R” is phenomenal……when I say phenomenal I mean….really, totally smoking hot!!
The only problem with “R” is that he does not have time to date 2 – 3 times a week which is what I have always been looking for. I have managed to get my sex drive under control and I no longer feel like a prepubescent teenager however since discovering how fantastically awesome sex is I still want it…..often!! The once a week that “R” and I have been able to get together has just not been enough……It is a little confusing just what is going on with “R”…right from the beginning I have told him I do not expect exclusiveness, however one thing that is a “NO GO” zone for me is someone who is married or in a committed relationship. I have been asked many times by married men for sex and I am NOT interested. Anyway at one point I thought maybe “R” was in a committed relationship just because of his availability aspects and also there are periods he will just go “radio silent” on his phone, it is like he disappears from the face of the earth and can sometimes take a couple of days to respond to a text….I mean seriously who the fuck does that, its a text message, if you are short on time respond while you are taking your morning crap!! Having said this I no longer think “R” is in a relationship, I think that some of his “distancing” is probably some self preservation because he knows this is only temporary. It also seems he is too bloody busy with work and helping with his grand-kids to have time for anyone else….And as for the texting, last time he was here he showed me how to mute notifications on my phone, he told me he does it all the time and has his phone set to automatically mute notifications at specific times for long periods.
“R” was honest with me right from the beginning that he did not think he could meet the 2 -3 times a week that I was looking for so he was really open in that regard, we tried it and I thought once a week might be enough but honestly it has not been, not just for the sex either but for the companionship and going out doing stuff….I mean I am going to Mardi Gras with Louise and her hubby soon and once again I am a “third wheel”………So I still have my profile on PoF hoping to fulfill my impossible quest to find ONE person who can satisfy my needs sexually but who also has the availability to provide companionship and also save me from always being that annoying third wheel!!

Until I find that person “R” and I will continue to have mind blowing sex……Ummmm as soon as my medical restrictions have been lifted!!!

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