30 shades again, and again and again!!

I guess I need to put in the disclaimer again…….There will be mention of spankings and orgasms etc and blah blah blah blah BUT..seriously it has been so difficult to write on this subject mostly because it is a very personal experience which involves the acting out of fantasies…. The first two chapters have been through many edits and it is challenging to know just how much detail to put into this story….My early days of blogging began with quite a lot of detail and they were positively pornographic and while I do not want to get back to those days I do want there to be some level of understanding between the unique and intoxicating relationship between a Dom and a Sub….. So if spankings and orgasms are going to offend you suck it up or stop reading!! Or try it sometime!! You might like it!

By the time I arrived back at my cabin to get ready for “Sir” I was beyond excited. I had been given instructions from “Sir” for the appropriate “ready” position and we had also discussed what I was to wear.

Again, I cannot express to you enough that what ensued was the most exciting,intoxicating and erotic experience of my life and while I am not going to detail the entire experience I will go as far as to say I was suitably spanked for my transgressions which in itself was incredibly erotic…..But also every inch of my entire body was touched, kissed and adored by Sir totally and completely.

While there was some level of frustration because I am still “medically banned” from having intercourse “Sir” took me to new heights on the Orgasm spectrum… several hours of alternating between being spanked and being caressed I lost track of the number of orgasms however the entire experience culminated in me having the single most powerful and violent orgasm I have every experienced in my life, one which bought me totally to my knees, or would have if “Sir” had not been holding me.

It is now the day after that I write this and I have had the opportunity to think about and digest the whole Dom/Sub relationship and decide if it is something I want to continue to explore and I have decided that I really do….What I have also come to realize is that there is something incredibly “freeing and liberating” in giving yourself over to someone totally and completely….In having the trust in someone to give them total control!!!

I don’t find it strange or difficult to understand how quickly “Sir” had earned my trust, our communication via text for the last few months was establishing some groundwork for something that I think neither of us knew was coming.

We spent several hours together having the most amazing sexual experience of my life and at no time did “Sir” remove a single article of his clothing. When I made several suggestions about me giving him some satisfaction he refused, wanting to make the entire experience about me and my pleasure…That in itself is an incredibly generous gift to give!!

I am looking forward to this new chapter of Sexual discovery and eager for my next encounter with “Sir”…..I plan on being a good little Butterfly…..but not too good because the punishment can be so delicious!!!

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