30 Shades of grey….a continuation!!

So I guess I should have actually put the disclaimer here instead of part one because I barely mentioned spanking and did not talk about orgasms at all, sorry and all that but here is the disclaimer….I am going to refer to spanking, orgasms and a few other bits and pieces so if that is going to make it awkward for you next time you see  me then stop reading….I mean it!! Stop!

Right, now we got the disclaimer out of the way..moving on!!…By the end of the phone conversation with “J” not only did I have an amazing orgasm via phone sex we had also established that going forward “J” was to be known as “Sir” and I was “Butterfly”

We did not set too many “ground rules” right away however “Sir” did inform me that I was to text him when I woke in the morning and before I got to bed at night and also that my orgasms belonged to him and I was not to orgasm without his permission or knowledge.

Now….I know that some of you are thinking “what the fuck!!!” I mean seriously!!! I spent all this time finally becoming the person I am supposed to be with one MAJOR factor being that I “FINALLY” have control of every aspect of my life so why in the fucking hell would I want to give ANY of that control up for even a  nanosecond……I have asked myself that same question many times over the years…. I mean really….I have experienced many different levels of sexual abuse so why would I have a fantasy that seems to be all about control???

A few years ago my second husband and I were talking about my fantasy about “spankings” and he questioned if the abuse in my first marriage might possibly have been “my fantasies” being played out and getting a little bit out of control…..Really, what the fuck!!  However…after that conversation I started to wonder just how twisted and weird I was so I googled (because we all know how much I love google) and one of the articles I read basically said when a person is sexually abused they often cannot enjoy a normal sexual relationship unless the sex is forced….what a total fucking crock of shit!! Since turning 50 I have had some incredibly sensual and erotic sexual experiences and not one of those was forced!!! However from that article I did believe  for a long time that maybe that was true about me and that was the only way I would be able to enjoy sex….As I was not having sex anyway it did not matter and I continued to play out my fantasies in my head on the occasions I could be bothered to use my vibrator….

So getting back to “Sir”….here I am about to embark on a new sexual experience while totally foreign to me in real life is something I have often played out in my head and I found it extremely intoxicating and exciting!! I will be honest with you, I was also baffled as to why I found this so enticing and why I was so willingly going to relinquish control to someone whom I had not yet met….However my outlook on life is to look upon every experience and every opportunity with an open mind and to try and extract as much pleasure and enjoyment from every moment!! So while I found this prospect incredibly thrilling and exciting I was going to run with it!!..

So after having pretty hot phone sex and saying goodnight to “Sir” with the understanding I would text him in the morning when I woke up, I slept the dream of someone who was completely sexually satisfied…..Well that is not exactly true… I have the “Kentucky crud” so I woke up coughing a few times and it has been over (4 fucking weeks) since I have actually even HAD sex…. But I did wake up with a smile on my face remembering the erotic evening the night before!!

That day and evening that followed was possibly the most erotic, arousing and intoxicating experience of my entire life….seriously!! I am not shitting you!!

Through out the day “Sir” and I continued to exchange text messages, without me really realizing it we were continuing to set some ground rules….I spent the ALL day completely and totally “wet” honestly I do not think I have ever wanted sex so bad….

After the entire day of being in a constant state of arousal which also involved a small orgasm while sitting in a restaurant listening to “Sir” speak on the phone and through the use of a little squirming on the seam of a tight pair of jeans (I am not shitting you….you should try it sometime)……..I was more than ready for “Sir”……..

To be continued!!! Yes for fucking real!! I need a break again and truly this story cannot be rushed!!………Patience grasshopper…..I promise you won’t have to wait long for the rest!

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