30 shades of grey!!

Occasionally my blog (before it was edited) was referred to a little bit like 50 shades of grey…not because of the activity but more because of the slightly pornographic nature of some of the content…..If you didn’t get to read the early  days of blog porn before I edited it out…too bad, so sad, suck it up!!

Anyway…I have had an experience over the last couple of days which has put me in the 50 shades realm…Though slightly tamer…probably 30 shades of grey…or perhaps 50 shades of off white!! Anyway you get the picture…what? You don’t get the picture, you want details? Hummmmm okay!! You asked for it!!! Well technically you didn’t ask…but you are going to get it anyway…..I guess I should add a disclaimer here….I am going to refer to spanking, orgasms and a few other bits and pieces so if that is going to make it awkward for you next time you see  me then stop reading….I mean it!! Stop!

Quite some time ago, actually I think it was when I was in Australia so that would put us in late December I met a guy on PoF called “J”…..yeah yeah Yeah, another “J” how the fuck can you keep them all straight but not to worry because by the end of this story “J” will have a new name, one which you will not soon forget.

“J” and I seemed to hit it off well, he was very easy to talk to and our conversation moved out of the land of small talk into interesting and intelligent conversation very quickly. At some point during our conversations we talked about writing and for some reason….not even fucking sure why….. I gave “J” my blog to read. Seriously! Shoot me now!!
Oh well what’s done is done!! so moving on! “J” and I continued to text over the next couple of months. I always appreciated his feedback on my blog and he seemed to have a really good insight into some of the deeper meaning of the content. But we never seemed to get to the point of arranging a meeting or a date. I really liked our conversations and was physically attracted to his pictures but I figured him “knowing me intimately…without knowing me intimately” from my blog was probably a good indicator that I was not what he was looking for and that we would be “text buddies” forever!!

I did mention a couple of times that we should get together for pizza and he agreed but we never seemed to set a date or time. I also hinted a couple of times when I was in his neighborhood about how I was looking for somewhere to go eat but either he got the hint and didn’t bite or I am shit at giving hints and he did not get it but once again I figured it just was not going to happen.

This past Saturday evening comes round and “J” is checking up on me again, he has been very caring and attentive in regards to this ridiculous “Kentucky Crud” that I picked up, checking on me regularly and making suggestions for my cough.
Ever since I got my tattoo my nickname from “J” has been butterfly which I kinda like…Actually I like it a lot….Anyway we were texting and he called me ma’am….groan..yes he sure did!!!……Made me feel like a 100 years old…seriously I know it is a Texas thing but there should be a law that a person cannot call anyone younger than their mother ma’am!!! Anyway I digress…..”J” called me ma’am and I groaned and told him it makes me feel old, he suggested that he should stick to butterfly and I responded with “yes sir” his response was  “oooooh I do like sir” what then ensued was a bit of back and forth teasing which included his suggestion that someone needs a spanking to which I responded “Hmmm stockings, Sir, spankings, I see a sexy little theme going on here” to which he responded “it is a little sexy”

Now most people would have at some point finished that conversation and move on but nope…not me!! I am an in for a penny in for a fucking pound kinda gal and I just fucking dove in head first!!!.Not only have I shared my blog with “J” I now decided to share one of my fantasies…and not just a tame fantasy involving “morning sex”….I had to go share my 49.5 shades of grey fantasy with him…

I have always known that I had for want of a better word a little “kinky” side to me…in fact a couple of months ago I started talking to someone on PoF who’s name was “50 shades darker” I was fascinated with the conversation and what he was proposing. I found it exciting and erotic but also found it very scary so I never pursued it. I truly believe if you are going to try something of that style of “kink” it really should be with someone you trust.

Anyway, I shared one of my tamer 49.5 shade fantasies with “J” via text and got some very encouraging comments from him along the way…By the end of the story I was as hot as heck and felt like I had phone sex!! Turns out I am not the only one with this little “kink”
“J’s” response at the end of the story was “This would be fun to play out Butterfly”
After some more conversation on the topic via text we moved onto “phone sex”  for real….Which in itself was incredibly hot!!……to be continued…..!!….Seriously!! I need a little break…don’t worry you will not have to wait long for part 2.

12 thoughts on “30 shades of grey!!

  1. What is it with Texans and their delight in being called “Sir”?? Tex was like this. When he wanted to be kinky in the bedroom,he’d demand I call him Sir… but I just couldn’t do it. I picture someone elderly! And that’s a big NOPE from me.

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