Run so fast, fly so high!!

Well…not really run so fast..actually not even running at all because I don’t run but I did get to fly…really high….No no, not talking about drugs or shit like that, I mean FLYING…I really did fly!! Ha ha!! I flew a plane and it was absolutely freaking amazing!!

So this blog is a little out of order because I flew a plane on Friday and was supposed to write my blog about my adventure but I got sidetracked on Saturday by Sir and the most incredible orgasm of my life…so its out of order…sorry and all that but hey at least I am getting around to it now and I know you are just all dying to hear about my flying adventure…..if you don’t give a rats arse that I got to fly a plane then quit reading or just suck it up and read in case I happen to mention the word orgasm again!!…I mean that’s what most of you read my blog for isn’t it? Orgasm, orgasm, orgasm….now you have your fix can I get back to the story please??

Anyway I took the day of work on Friday to spend the day with Louise, her hubby and “R”…we were all going to go fly a plane together…well technically not all of us because it was a small Cessna and we would not all fit…we were gonna take turns….oh and not Louise..she decided she definitely was a stay on the ground kinda girl….It’s a good thing I am Thelma cause she does all that kind of shit and this blog might be as boring as fuck if I did not get up to mischief….Not saying that Louise has a boring life or anything because she doesn’t…..She has Thelma to lead her astray!!

Well as it turned out poor Louise got a severe case of the snots and she generously decided that rather than show up and let us watch her drip boogers all day she should stay home….Smart move Louise, I did feel sorry for her though because she looked terrible at work the day before…my poor Louise :(.

Okay back to flying, so I met “R” at this breakfast place he selected, honestly it looked like a fricken dump from the outside and never in a million years would I have stopped there to eat but it just goes to show that I know fuck all about what makes a good restaurant because the place was packed and the food was incredible.

After breakfast we made our way to the airport and I would by lying my arse off if I told you I was not scared. I was not terrified but these poxy little Cessna’s do fall out of the sky ya know, so I was a little nervous!!
I decided to fly first, that way if it sucked arse at least I could say I did it and would not have to go up there again. I realized while sitting in the office talking to the pilot that I forgot to bring any motion sickness pills…I mean it! For real, I get motion sickness if I text and walk at the same time…I did not want to tell “R” but I did tell both him and the pilot that I get motion sickness and was taking a pill for it but what I actually took was my anti nausea pill hoping that would do the trick….The pilot gave me a puke bag just in case!

Finally we get in the plane, me in the pilots seat, the pilot in the “co pilot” seat and “R” in the back…there were a few problems, first I could not reach the fucking pedals because I am such a short arse, also I could not see over the dash. The pilot went and got a cushion and to save me having to get out of the plane again he just slipped it under my arse. It solved the problem of me reaching the pedals but I still could barely see over the dash, oh well at least I was not having to look out for pedestrians or anything. By the time we were ready for take off all nervousness  had disappeared and I was as excited as fuck.

We flew South towards the lake and once we were at 2000 feet and going in a straight line it was my turn to take controls…I really was a sissy baby because every time the plane dipped to the left or dipped to the right I got nervous and I over steered a little….okay I over steered a lot, it was a fucking lot…so the plane ended up having its wings dip, left right left right left right. At some point I took my hand off the controls and said to the pilot “your turn” I then enjoyed the rest of the flight just sitting in the pilots seat letting the Co pilot have control.

Next it was “R”s turn, let me tell you being in the back seat was AWFUL when it came to motion sickness, it did not help that because this was “R”s 7th time flying the pilot let him have a lot more control so he got to do the actual take off, we flew west and the pilot told “R” we were in what they call the playground  so “R” could pretty much do what he wanted, seriously if that plane could have done a loop the loop “R” would have fucking done it, after a few 180 degree turns my stomach was gurgling and bubbling and I was convinced that pretty soon I was going to get to taste my breakfast all over again….finally it was time to fly back to base. Once on solid ground “R” asked me if we were ready to go have lunch…….Lunch….Fuck, I am still trying to keep hold of my breakfast!! I told “R” I was a little motion sick but did not tell him just how bad it was, we went to the restaurant in the airport and I simply could not think of putting anything in my stomach however I did eat a few of “R”s Lays and that did work to settle my stomach.

After lunch we drove to a park and made out in the backseat of “R”s car, I was still on medical restrictions but things were getting a little heated so we decided to go to his RV which is in storage….”R” and I kinda sorta had sex in his RV without actually having sex… was fun and we were both mutually satisfied but it did manage to convince me all the more that “R” is in a relationship with someone that he does not want to them to know about me…We were so close to “R”s home, his stepdaughter was at work and his grand kids at school so to me it is strange that he would choose his RV which has no facilities or air conditioning over just taking me back to his house…..I am not about to be his moral compass but it still does not sit well with me that he may be deceiving someone in his life….I am thinking our time together is coming close to an end….I am probably going to play with him once or twice more for the amazing sex but then  I am probably going to move on…..Besides…Sir has opened up a whole new world to me which I want to explore a little more…..oh and I am going to Kentucky for a month and have been speaking to someone there on a regular basis with plans to have amazing sex!!!

And readers………………if you ever get a chance to fly a plane………..JUST DO IT!!

Just don’t forget your motion sickness pills….the moment I got home I put mine in my purse and they will live within easy reach of me forever more!!!


5 thoughts on “Run so fast, fly so high!!

  1. I grew up flying in 2 different Cessna 150’s that my dad owned! I was working on getting my pilot’s license, coming up on 16, when we had a family tradgedy that forced the divesting of the plane. I have only recently, literally the last few weeks, started making plans to go back and finish getting my pilot’s license! It’s something I want to realize this year!

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