Kentucky is kicking my arse!!

Okay Y’all I know this is mostly a sex blog but Kentucky is kicking my arse and I need to vent so Y’all have two choices…continue to read and listen to me rant like a crazy woman or think “fuck it!! I don’t need to listen to this crazy bitch and just hit the little […]

Fucked up five ways!!

Fucked up five ways….it is often how I feel…It is like five steps forwards and 2 steps backwards…sometimes I don’t even bother to step backwards…. I fucken slide on down  on my arse!! Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of the progress I have made, physically, emotionally and spiritually….but despite this I still feel […]

Ride a cock horse!!

OMG I know!!! This blog title is just way too much even for me but honestly I just could not fucking resist. I mean seriously, I am in Kentucky and every where you go there are horse statues…They even have a koala riding a fucking horse outside the front of my companies office building. I guess […]

In the bowels of Hell!!

Seriously does this shit ever happen to anyone else or does it only happen to me….and when I say shit I mean literally!! Here I am in Kentucky and as usual, when I am anywhere except my own home, my anal sphincter closes up tighter than a gnats arse and it can take me sometimes up […]

5 weeks in Kentucky!!!

Seriously, I HAVE to spend 5 weeks in Kentucky for my job. That means 5 weeks away from my cabin, 5 weeks apart from Louise and MrT, 5 weeks away from my adopted dogs and  5 weeks away from the possibility of seeing Sir……What?? you thought Sir and Butterfly were over…..Well it is complicated…Yeah yeah I […]