5 weeks in Kentucky!!!

Seriously, I HAVE to spend 5 weeks in Kentucky for my job. That means 5 weeks away from my cabin, 5 weeks apart from Louise and MrT, 5 weeks away from my adopted dogs and  5 weeks away from the possibility of seeing Sir……What?? you thought Sir and Butterfly were over…..Well it is complicated…Yeah yeah I know my whole life is fucking complicated, listen you only have to read about my life, I have to fucking live it so deal with it!!!

Right now Sir and I are trying to find some ground that meets both our needs and until I am comfortable that we have found the right place I am going to defer from writing about it….Anyway this blog is about (5) fucking weeks in Kentucky!! And when I say fucking I mean fucking not fucking!! Oh fuck I will let you work out which fucking I mean!!

The last time I went to Kentucky for work I came home with the 2 potential future dates and the Kentucky crud!! I am serious I still have the fucking crud 5 weeks later….and the potential dates, I only have one of those. Let me first start by telling you how it all happened.

PoF once again updated my location, it seems that I show up when people select to search for people nearby, I had no idea you could do that. Anyway when I was in Kentucky last time I ended up talking to about 8 locals. I was able to discard most of them simply because they were either clearly out for one thing (sex) or they were nut-jobs or just plain scary!! By the time I left Kentucky I was still talking to 2 guys so I gave both of them my phone number to move from PoF messaging to texting.

One of them “A” seemed like a nice guy and we actually texted quite a bit when I was in Kentucky but then he just dropped off the face of the earth about 3 days after I got back to Texas. I mean seriously not a single message. After I got my tattoo I sent him a picture and he responded by sending me a picture of his tattoo but then again no further texting…Then about a week ago I get a random message in Kik which said ” I want you”  ….I am like WTF!! who does that? After a brief exchange of greetings I asked him why he initiated a conversation with “I want you” and he said that is how he feels……Ugh creepy much!! We just typed for a couple more minutes then I told him I needed to get a report done for work…. A week later….like yesterday, I got another message from him again, this time in text…It said ” I guess you decided not to” I responded with “decided not to what” and his response was “have an intimate relationship while your back in Louisville…Or at least not with me”…..Holy fuck! What did I tell this dude??? I went through all my previous text exchange to see what the fuck he is talking about and sure enough a short time after I got back to Texas we had a conversation about when I go back to Kentucky and what I was looking for and there was a brief mention that if there was chemistry I was not discounting intimacy….But……The texts did not say when I come back to Kentucky we will fuck!!! Just fucking hinted at intimacy!!

I responded by saying that I am looking for more that just sex and there was a missed opportunity for us to cultivate a friendship via texting during the time I was back in Texas…..What followed was some back and forth texts where honestly he began sounding like a whiny little boy!!. By the end of the conversation he basically got the message that he had his chance and he blew it!! End of story!

The other person that I was texting with is a different story all together, I have no idea what to fucking call him because his name starts with “R” and it seems like my dating history is “R”s “J”s and fucking “M”s…….I did tell him however that it was a darned good thing his name was not “Robert” because if it was we could not continue with our texting relationship and that we would NEVER meet…..Oh I know, lets call him “Ky” for Kentucky!!

So “Ky” and I began texting back about 5 weeks ago when I was in Kentucky, he seems like a really nice guy and we don’t run out of things to talk about. He has spent quite a extraordinary amount of time cultivating a friendship via texts and phone calls and we have had some good laughs together over the phone….He often refers to me as a trip!! I am still trying to work out if that is a good thing….Though he assures me it is.

We have plans to do some touristy stuff so he can show me around Kentucky as well as plans for dinner, movies etc. He also wants to grill for me though he insists that he will NOT clean his nasty arse grill and I will just have to deal with it…I did tell him that I was going to bring a bottle of bleach with me to his house when he is ready to grill and he said “Woman!! you will stay away from my grill” Ugh!! what is it with men and their crusty old grills with 5 years worth of baked food and fuck knows what else on there!!! Adds flavor my arse, more like adds extra protein from all the dead bugs, bird shit and lord knows what!!

Anyway, “Ky” and I have texted and talked on the phone now for 5 weeks and I genuinely like the guy. I had a situation yesterday (which I will talk about in another blog post later”) which made me realize that I am TERRIBLE at seeing the BAD side of people and I always see the good and the positive. I talked to Louise last night and her feeling about that was that I do see it but that I explain  or reason it away…That is so true, I can think about a LOT of past situations with my dating history and I do see the BAD and I truly do reason them away….So with my imminent Kentucky trip and the possibility of forming an intimate relationship with “Ky” I felt that I needed to review our past history over the last 5 weeks and see if there is anything that is a red flag and for me to run for the hills…….Nothing, I mean honestly there is not a single thing I can think of where I have had to reason or explain away his behavior, his personality type, nada, nothing…..So I hope this bodes well for the continuation of the friendship we have built up. “Ky” has said he has no expectations as far as intimacy goes, he clearly said that he hopes there will be chemistry but if not….Then nothing changes and he will still “grill for me”…..Ugh!

……So honestly only time will tell if I am going to be spending 5 weeks fucking in Kentucky or 5 weeks in fucking Kentucky!!!

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