The missing adventures of Thelma and Louise…..!!!!

Yep…..missing…..M I S S I N G!!!

Seriously!! What the FUCK am I going to do when I go home to Australia when I cannot even go to Kentucky and not M I S S Louise like CRAZY!!……Scares the bejesus outta me!!

Friends come and go throughout peoples lives but some of them just have that special something. I have a small group of friends in Australia that are very close, long time friends, these friends, no matter what I am doing or where I am in the world will always be my friends, I call them “lifers” friends that I will have forever!!

Louise is a “lifer” and I know that when I go back to Australia we will still be friends but my friendship with her is different compared to other friendships I have experienced and if there was such thing as “soul friends” I would say she was my “soul friend”

Who else would drag your drunk arse through the corridors of your hotel in Vegas back to your room while you are laughing so hard you are pissing your pants, then leave you to puke in private while she goes down to get more beer…Who else would sit stoically and hide any grimaces of pain or unpleasantness while getting a tattoo in a painful place just so Thelma wouldn’t chicken out….I mean seriously who else the fuck would go get a tattoo with you unless you were  both drunk or stoned….A lifer!! Only a lifer would do those things…..But I think what makes the friendship with Louise and I more special is that she has seen me at some of the darkest moments in my life, she has figuratively picked me up from a heap on the floor and carried me until I could walk on my own….But she didn’t  just do it alone….somewhere along the way Mr T was there sharing the burden……Although right now I can hear Louise saying ” oh Pshhhh you were not a burden” ……And  I am sure to her and Mr T it was not a burden because  what they did was  out of friendship and love!!

So here I am in my second week of Kentucky and I miss the fuck out of Louise!!! It is bad enough that we stopped working together and  I lost my coffee buddy but now we are a gazillion miles apart so we cannot even play together. I have been trying to devise ways of convincing Louise that she needs a trip to downtown Louisville but heck…I have to work and who am I kidding it is a lot of money to spend just for a Thelma and Louise get together and seriously if we are going to spend money it has GOT to be something worthwhile like VEGAS……..Yeah Vegas baby!!! Okay I do not need anymore convincing than that….Looks Like Louise and I need another Thelma and Louise adventure in Vegas!!

Hey Louise……..!!! check your calendar, get ready to pack your bags, I hear Vegas calling!!

In all seriousness though….what the FUCK am I going to do in Australia without Louise??? Well nothing for it…Mr T and Louise are just going to have to immigrate!!!






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