Kentucky is kicking my arse!!

Okay Y’all I know this is mostly a sex blog but Kentucky is kicking my arse and I need to vent so Y’all have two choices…continue to read and listen to me rant like a crazy woman or think “fuck it!! I don’t need to listen to this crazy bitch and just hit the little X button in top right corner!!!

You still here? Okay here goes my rant!!

My boss…my NEW boss…seems like a nice guy and all but FUCK he is working my last fucking nerve…..Put yourself in this situation right….”HIS JOB” was offered to me first and I refused because I am leaving the company and returning home to Australia so my company had to post and hire someone externally….So I get that this is a difficult situation for him…I really do get it!!

However……The whole reason I stayed in America for another year was so that I could relocate my business unit from Texas to Kentucky so I am currently working two roles, firstly as operations manager to keep my business unit still operating as (BAU) Business as usual….But I am also Project manager charged with handling everything from moving equipment, product, hiring staff, training etc etc. This is not my first rodeo, when I moved from Chicago to Texas 4 years ago it was to set up my business unit in Texas from the ground up so I think I know what I am doing………So I wish the FUCK my NEW boss would let me do MY fucking JOB!!!

I came to Kentucky a little over 3 weeks ago, firstly to hire the staff…. I wanted to be considerate of the new group manager and I delayed hiring the staff by two weeks so he could be involved in the process…I did not have to do that, my project plan timeline was that these should have been hired by March 15th but I extended the time frame to March 27th and had to push back a whole lot of other shit so he could be involved and I know I did the right thing because ultimately “HE” is the one who has to work with the team but FUCK it was hard. We have totally different ideas and management styles so people he liked, I hated and people I liked, he hated but at the end of the day I can deal with all of that and I let him hire who the fuck he wants because I don’t need to work with them!!! So while it was frustrating I could deal with it!!

What I am having problems dealing with is him going over me or bypassing me on project related items…..Take today for example, my new boss went to my peer to try and organize training on a specific function……I have a fucking training PLAN…it is what a project manager does…WHY the fuck is he going past me directly to my peer is fucking beyond me!! My peer was really confused and did not know what the fuck to do because only the day before I had a conversation with my peer on that exact same subject and we had already made decisions on dates and staff etc.

Honestly every day is a new frustration, it totally pisses me off that he is making decisions about things that he has not fucking clue about and for what ever reason he has YET to ask me or my peer for any input or advice.

He is my new boss (luckily only for another 6 months) but it seems this guy might have a fucking ego and if that is the case then I think his team is in for tough times ahead and as for me, I have to find some way of working with him for the next 6 months without telling him to go fuck himself!!


Rant over…………………… 🙂

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