Farts are fucking funny…..Or not!!!

I do not care what age you are there are times when a fart at an inappropriate time or inopportune moment is just fucking funny!!! You would think we should grow out of being giggly kids laughing and making jokes about farts but alas we do not…..Heck, I even refer to my closest and dearest friends as […]

Blogging and Bucket lists!!

So readers it is time to get some input from Y’all……Don’t ya just love that fucking word?? Y’All…I am SO going to use it when I go home to Australia, even at the risk of my Sister trying to slap it out of me!!!Gonna use Howdy too :P…..So there Sister dear 😛 Anyway I digress, […]

She’ll be wearing pink pajamas when she comes! Yeehaw!!

So after a very difficult and emotionally painful conversation with Sir and a weekend filled with mixed feelings and emotions I am left feeling desolate and drained and in much need of some mental recuperation……Fortunately I live in a magical cabin in the woods which offers ample opportunity for some R &R!! I had the day […]

50 shades of Shitty!!!

Right now, at this point in time, I am a shitty person!! Really!! I am! Actually that is not totally true, I want to say I am a shitty person, my inner bitch tells me I am a shitty person but if it stop being so self critical and rationalize this appropriately I am a […]

A tale of two tomatoes!!

Sorry this is out of date but fuck not only am I a slack arse being lazy in my blog writing I also had to write them out of order because of my shittiness!!! Sorry and all that! Time to get ready for my 2nd date with Mon Capitaine and I am feeling really confused…one […]

My magic faraway tree!!

When I was a kid I was fascinated with Enid Blyton books. One particular series “The magic faraway tree” was my escape from reality and my troubled childhood. I so badly wanted to live there with Moonface, Silky and the Saucepan man and I would not have minded at all getting soaked by Mrswashalots laundry […]

Ever get that feeling??!!!

Do you ever get that feeling that something that happened was absolutely meant to happen or you meet someone that you just know deep in your gut you were meant to meet that person?? It happens to me, not all the time but often enough for me not to ignore it, particularly as it pertains […]