Ever get that feeling??!!!

Do you ever get that feeling that something that happened was absolutely meant to happen or you meet someone that you just know deep in your gut you were meant to meet that person?? It happens to me, not all the time but often enough for me not to ignore it, particularly as it pertains to events. Very very occasionally someone will come into my life that I just know is meant to be in my life….Take Louise for example…She has been such an integral part of my life for the past year. I did not recognize when I first met her just how special our relationship would be but at some point I realized she was just supposed to be in my life!!…and I got a bonus, two for one!! Mr T came with the Louise package!!

So I met someone on PoF which was a little bizarre in itself because my profile was hidden. I was in Kentucky and not interested in meeting any locals and also not interested in meeting anyone back in Texas however I had gone to check for messages from a couple of people I am just friends with and have conversations with on a regular basis and there was a new message from someone I had not talked to before which was not supposed to happen since my profile was hidden…..Right away I seemed drawn to him, while his initial message was innocuous, it was to the point, intriguing and concise, very similar to his profile.

We talked for an entire HOUR on PoF before we exchanged numbers…..not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but after my experiences with stalkers I do not exchange numbers for  weeks, occasionally days but NEVER one fucking hour!! Not sure what it was about him that elicited that trust but I suspect right from beginning subconsciously I felt some kinship.

What happened next was the ongoing discovery through conversation of shared experiences, talents, likes, dislikes, career choices, personality traits etc etc etc that become just too uncanny to be explained…if I am being honest it was so uncanny it actually became quite disconcerting at times…..Let me give you some examples!!

This individual……For the purpose of my blog, will forever more be known as “Mon Capitaine”….Unless I decided otherwise!! Also, when reading my blog, please always read his name with a French accent……try it, go on, I know you want to!! “Mon Capitaine”
Why Mon Capitaine, well I am glad you asked, you see our first discovery was that we both have an enjoyment of Star Trek….. but not just an enjoyment, we both have a name from Star Trek character, his by birth and mine by choice and realistically speaking both names are typically not very common names…….so I hear you say “big deal” so you share a love of a TV show and names from that series….. But wait!!! there is MORE!!
We are both living away from our homes working on projects for our jobs, me until October, him until January….At the time we met we were both living in extended stay hotels, I am back in my cabin for now but will be spending much of the next 3 months experiencing hotel living……And wait there is more!!! We both have been married twice, share some similar challenges or experiences with our respective marriages and the children from those marriages……there are many more similarities, both of us have been described as eclectic, quirky and witty….there are other similarities…just way too many to list here……But above and beyond ALL of this and the real kicker is our mutual “Love and Passion” for writing and how we express that love and passion…..Not only does Mon Capitaine write poetry….He writes a blog!!! Truly!! I am not shitting you, he writes a blog!! and not just ANY blog……this is exactly how he described his blog to me…..” I have an anonymous blog. No holds barred writing. I can say what I want, how I want with no thoughts of who it might piss off or offend or upset!!!

So as you could imagine I now felt like I was in the twilight zone…I honestly felt like I was being set up and was racking my brain to discover which of my well meaning friends had set me up on what they thought might be a perfect match!! I responded by telling him I also wrote a blog and said ” Now I am looking for cameras and texting my friends to see if you are a set up”

Now I would like to share a text conversation I had with Mon Capitaine, please refrain from eating or drinking during the next paragraph as I cannot be held responsible if you choke on a piece of food or snort coffee out of your nose…..I will preface by saying I do not usually like to share private conversations but honestly, this one is too fucking good not to share.

Mon Capitaine: My daughters made me tell them all about you
Jad: Haha what did you tell them?
Mon Capitaine: I told them you were like a vagina sporting version of me…lol
Jad: Hahaha okay funny story here
Mon Capitaine: I love funny stories….:)
Jad: I am eating and glanced at my phone, the preview of your message said ” I told them you were like a vagina”
Mon Capitan: Bahahahaha
Jad: I inhaled a piece of lettuce.
Jad: I am still choking
Mon Capitaine: Lol
Jad: If I die on this lettuce it’s your fault
Mon Capitaine: Lol
Mon Capitaine: It’s your vagina….:)
Jad: Yes but I did not expect my vagina to be mentioned in conversation with your daughters
Mon Capitaine: Lol well…Per se…I am unable to comment on your vagina factually. All of my comments have been relational….
Jad: Semantics…If I die on this lettuce accept the responsibility 😛
Mon Capitaine: I will own it I promise!
Mon Capitaine: At the funeral…They will ask me how you died….I will say…”she choked on me…..

If this is an example of the witty conversations I am going to share with Mon Capitaine I am sure I am to have some very blog worth stories to tell…….

By the way….Mon Capitaine has joined the elite, he is only 3rd person I have met on Plenty of fish that has read my blog!! The difference is this time it is reciprocal, I get to read his…..it was a unique experience to read about his thoughts on our first meeting in his blog……He could easily imagine me sketching a penis Bahahahaha!!!

5 thoughts on “Ever get that feeling??!!!

  1. He sounds like quite a guy! I hope he meets your expectations! So many of my brethren never acheive more than “typical” male status!

    I daresay, on behalf of all of your avid readers, I hope to read more of the bald Captain that can only be named John Luc!

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  2. Do you ever get that feeling that something that happened was absolutely meant to happen or you meet someone that you just know deep in your gut you were meant to meet that person??<— Just sent you an email about this!!!

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