There are somethings you just shouldn’t rush!!!

A lovely bottle of expensive Moscato D’Asti should be sipped and savored, not rushed. Fine chocolates, none of that Hershey’s crap but those which come with assorted exotic flavors from a chocolatier should be nibbled and slowly sucked, not rushed. A slow comfortable screw…not the drink…the act!!!!… should exact every ounce of pleasure in every portion of your body and again, should not be rushed……Going to take a pee after bladder mesh surgery…..should definitely not be rushed!!!

I do not have a toilet door in my cabin yet!! For real, I seriously do not, so if I need to piss and poop when I have company I have to shut my bedroom door but there are still the sound effects….Anyway I get home from the airport on Friday and my cabin is as hot as fuck!! I text my landlord and tell him that my cabin is a hot as fuck!!
I am busy unpacking and need to go pee, oh, I forgot to mention I am naked while I am unpacking because I was also getting ready to go in shower, so I go and pee but I did not worry about shutting my bedroom door, I am alone in my cabin…..I am okay if the mice and crickets hear the sound effect of my pee!!!

So I am alone in my cabin, naked, sitting on the toilet taking a pee when I hear a noise outside…Fuck!! It’s my landlord!! I grab my panties and pull them on but unfortunately I have not stopped peeing…I no longer have that control, I yell just a minute and pull my bedroom door shut…Grab my bathrobe and put it on then walk on out to find my landlord coming in the front door followed by a random stranger. So here I am in my bathrobe with sodding wet underwear…..not the type of wet underwear you want to have but PEE wet underwear, I can feel trickles of pee running down my leg and not only does my landlord want to introduce me to his random stranger he also wants to hug me because he has not seen me for 5 weeks!!!

I had not pee’d my pants since having the surgery until now… you see there are somethings you should just NOT rush!!

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