A tale of two tomatoes!!

Sorry this is out of date but fuck not only am I a slack arse being lazy in my blog writing I also had to write them out of order because of my shittiness!!! Sorry and all that!

Time to get ready for my 2nd date with Mon Capitaine and I am feeling really confused…one the one hand I am eagerly anticipating intelligent and interesting conversation with a fellow blogger but on the other hand I am feeling really shitty because I had a phone conversation with Sir the night before and was going to end it with him then but our phone conversation was so warm and comfortable that I did not want to ruin that wonderful feeling and I chickened out!!! I know….I am such a shit!!

I get ready for my date and drive the 1 hour during peak traffic to our designated meeting place….”Sweet Tomatoes” one of my favorite places to eat. I am sitting in the foyer and I get a text message from Mon Capitaine that he is there but in the restroom and will be out in a minute..Dang!!! and I thought I was here first!!!

Another Text from Mon Capitaine asking where I was and I told him the foyer, I began looking around the restaurant waiting for him to appear around the corner and when he did not I began to have a sneaking suspicion……A manager saw me looking around and came over to ask if everything was okay….”Ummm is there by chance another Sweet Tomatoes in Houston?”……..Yep!! You guessed it, one of us was in the wrong restaurant and it wasn’t me!!! Honest!! I know seriously this is something I could totally do but it really wasn’t me that got it wrong……The manager told me with this traffic it was 1 hour 45 minutes to the other Sweet Tomatoes, I just busted out laughing!! He must of thought I was off my fucking rocker laughing about my date and I being in the same restaurant miles apart.

I considered our options, I could eat at my Sweet Tomatoes and Mon Capitaine could eat at his and then we could meet in the middle at a bar somewhere after dinner for a drink…..Hmmmm,  nah I dismissed that idea and decided to drive to his “Sweet Tomatoes” Now I just know some of you are saying WTF, he made the mistake why not make him drive 1:45 minutes; but get this…..what would you prefer to do? Sit alone in the foyer of a restaurant looking like Nancy-no-friends for up to 2 hours or would you prefer to be driving in rush hour Houston traffic rocking it out to tunes on the radio???? Bingo, I chose Houston traffic and tunes!!!

So I am driving through peak hour traffic which actually was not that bad, and rocking to my tunes and glancing at the occasional apologetic text message from Mon Capitaine….At some traffic lights I decided to put him out of his misery and tell him it was really okay….It seriously was……and this, my readers just goes to show just how much I have grown over the last 9 or 10 months…… One or so years ago a situation like this would have raised my blood pressure 100 points and had me irritable and angry….I probably would have cancelled the dinner and just gone home……Today I saw the absolute humor in the situation, in fact I thought it was as funny as fuck!!! So much so that while driving through the Houston peak hour traffic I would occasionally bust out laughing at the sheer fucking hilarity of it!! I mean seriously I was be singing along to the radio and would think of it again and just laugh (out LOUD) What else can it be but fucking hilarious!!

Oh….and there is a bright side to everything, if we had not been a different restaurants I would not have had the opportunity to see the most amazing PT Cruiser totally covered in log shaggy fur…I mean it for real!!

And the second bright side…..it only took me 45 minutes to get to the other restaurant!!

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