Blogging and Bucket lists!!

So readers it is time to get some input from Y’all……Don’t ya just love that fucking word?? Y’All…I am SO going to use it when I go home to Australia, even at the risk of my Sister trying to slap it out of me!!!Gonna use Howdy too :P…..So there Sister dear 😛
Anyway I digress, time for Y’all to give me some feedback…Those of you who followed the rules and read my blog correctly will know of the journey of self discovery I have been on, much of it involving sex!! Those who did not follow the rules….well what can I say??? Too bad for you; especially if you missed the “soft porn” before the editing took place ha ha!!

Dang!! I digressed again….Your input is needed……My little sex blog is getting boring….No no no! Not the sex..the blog…I mean the blog…..! Seriously! There are only so many ways I can talk about my adventures with fucking!!!
Don’t get me wrong, I am still having new and interesting experiences and I am sure I can find some things to talk about but to be honest with you while I still LOVE sex and want it… often as I can get it..Sex is no longer the main focus on my mind…..It is kind of good in a way because now that I have escaped from the mind of a prepubescent teenage boy there are so many things that I can do that I could not do before…..For example…Sleep, eat, concentrate on work!!!

More importantly, I can also concentrate on fulfilling my very long and ever growing bucket list…..6 months ago given the choice between having sex or crossing off a bucket list item I am also certain I would have chosen sex …….Now I am more likely to lean towards the bucket list item….However being the slightly quirky, batshit crazy, adventurous nympho that I am, I would probably find some way of adding sex into the mix!!!

So I hear you asking where the fuck do you come into this??? Simple, please comment on this post if you want me to concentrate on the sex and the fucked up shit that happens in my life or are you also interested in my bucket list adventures? Word of caution, if you just want the sex then at some point I am going to run out of shit to write because even for me a person can only have sex so many ways before you are just repeating yourself!!! And while I seem to have a lot more fucked up adventures than the average person I am pretty sure at some point in my life I might learn how to shave without the need for cucumbers or toothpaste…..I am just saying!!

If you do decide that you want me to share my buckets list adventures my next two blogs are going to be about horses and apes……No the fuck I did NOT try Bestiary!!! Focus will ya!! Bucket list items!!! Bestiary is one of the few things I have ZERO interest in trying!!!

Okay comment now…….Keep it clean!! Or not 😛

8 thoughts on “Blogging and Bucket lists!!

  1. I think a healthy, fun, witty dose of both would continue to add dimension to your blog, and provide you with variety for your catharticism! And hey, if you get drunk while writing and throw in the occasional eroticism now and then, well…A good boner goes a long way!


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