She’ll be wearing pink pajamas when she comes! Yeehaw!!

So after a very difficult and emotionally painful conversation with Sir and a weekend filled with mixed feelings and emotions I am left feeling desolate and drained and in much need of some mental recuperation……Fortunately I live in a magical cabin in the woods which offers ample opportunity for some R &R!!

I had the day off work so I asked my landlord to keep his laundry room open as well as the keys to “Godzilla” (the quad) so I could go back and forth with my laundry….My mental recoup day was to NOT check my work phone (that did not happen but the thought was there) and spend the day doing laundry!! I know!! Laundry is not fucking relaxing right!! Well it kind of is if you get to ride an awesome quad to go check on it with the added bonus that you get to stay in your pajamas ALL day!! I am deadly fucking serious…I was a complete renegade, I did not shower AT ALL and I stayed in my pajamas the entire fucking day!

The weather was shitty, kind of dark and dank, the way I was feeling emotionally but as the day wore on the dankness changed to the occasional showers of rain and the sun occasionally peeked through the clouds….The little bursts of sun and showers of rain began to lift my spirits a little…staying in pajamas all day also helped…..Late in the afternoon during one of my trips to transfer laundry from washer to dryer etc I was heading back to my cabin. I had spent all day taking laundry back and forth using either a hamper or mesh bag however this was one occasion that I did not have any laundry with me which was pretty lucky because it started to pour with rain……Now most people would try and get home quick to get out of the rain….Nope, not me!!!

I spent the next 15 or so minutes riding around the property on Godzilla in the pouring raining wearing…..You guessed it…”Pink Pajamas” !!!….So now picture this scene……
An almost 51 year old, batshit crazy, slightly quirky, confused nymphomaniac who cannot sing a single fucking note riding around 20 acres on a quad in the pouring rain singing at the top of her voice ” She’ll be coming round the mountains when she comes”!!! What a sight!!!

Amazing what some totally unexpected, uninhibited fun can do for the body and soul….I got through every verse of the song twice over before finally heading back to my cabin, by this time I was drenched to the bone but feeling much more relaxed, not sure if it was the rain, the fun, or just the pure simple pleasures in life but it was certainly very therapeutic….Almost as good as retail therapy!!

Remaining ever the renegade I went directly to my bedroom, stripped out of my soddy wet pajamas, took another pair of pink pajamas out of my dresser and put them on…..I later went to sleep in those pajamas…..So I stayed in my jammies ALL day!!!

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